Soldiers patrol in Asaphila area


1月24日,西藏山南军分区边防某团六连一支巡逻小分队再次踏上阿相比拉(“阿相比拉”在西藏珞巴语中意为“魔鬼都不敢去的地方”)巡逻路,勇闯魔鬼之域。这是一条怎样的巡逻路?它悬挂于绝壁之上,37处需借助攀登绳,26处需架设悬梯,全程200多处危险地段。(军网英文/李国涛、傅德旺 摄影)
A soldier assigned to a patrol team with a frontier defense regiment under the PLA Xizang Shannan Military Sub-Command drinks spring water during a patrol mission in Asaphila ("Asaphila" in Lhoba Language means a place where even the devil is feared to go) of southwest China's Xizang Autonomous Region on Jan 24, 2019. The patrol route is on the cliff consisting of over 200 dangerous areas among which the climbing ropes are needed at 37 places and the hanging ladders are needed at 26 places. ( by Li Guotao and Fu Dewang)

Source:China Military Online