Chinese peacekeeping contingent to Lebanon renovates bunker for UNIFIL headquarters

By Jia Siyu, Zhuang Xiaohao, Chen Guangliang and Qu Fatong

BEIJING, Mar. 4 -- At the request of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) headquarters, the 22nd Chinese Peacekeeping Construction Engineering Company to UNIFIL recently completed the emergency task of air defense bunker drainage system renovation for the UNIFIL headquarters.

Before then, some parts of the air defense bunkers of the UNIFIL headquarters had been out of service, due to longtime heat exposure and rain wash.

Upon receiving the task, the contingent dispatched a construction team to conduct the on-site survey. After making all-around estimation of security risks, they quickly came up with a sound construction plan. After three days of continuous work, the contingent completed the renovation task with high standard, more than a week ahead of schedule.

Since its deployment in December last year, the contingent has completed four annual and eight ad hoc construction tasks involving camp defense facilities upgrade and reconstruction, widely recognized by the UNIFIL headquarters and foreign counterparts.

Source:China Military Online