China expands family plaques honoring military service

Yao Jianing

China has decided to issue plaques of honor to all families who had or have loved ones in military service.

The order was given by the State Council via a circular made public on Tuesday.

The scope of eligible families is expanded to those of active service personnel, martyrs, demobilized or deceased ex-servicemen and women (who died on duty or of illness).

The plaques had been reserved for families of martyrs and volunteer military personnel before the expansion.

"It is a key measure to promote the tradition of honoring military families," said the circular, adding that the issuance needs to be completed by May 1, 2019.

The plate is painted gold and inscribed with four large Mandarin characters: Guang Rong Zhi Jia (Family of Honor), the circular said. The family can decide where it wants to place the plaque, but it is advisable to hang it on the front door.

Authorities said the move would help establish a military honor system and create an atmosphere in which military service is regarded as a profession of honor and treated with respect.

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