Chinese naval ships make technical stop in Indonesia

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Yao Jianing
Overseas Chinese in Indonesia welcome the Chinese naval escort taskforce. (Photo by Wang You)

By Zhu Linlin

JAKARTA, July 31(ChinaMil) -- The 28th Chinese naval escort taskforce comprising the guided missile frigates Yancheng (Hull 546) and Weifang (Hull 550) and the comprehensive supply ship Taihu (Hull 889) made a technical stop at Port of Tanjung Priok, Jakarta, Indonesia, from July 26 to 29, after successfully completing tasks including escort missions in the Gulf of Aden, visits to four African countries, and participation in multilateral joint exercises and international maritime conferences in Nigeria.

The Indonesian Navy held a welcoming ceremony upon the arrival of the 28th Chinese naval escort taskforce. The commander of the Main Naval Base III of the Indonesia Navy, staff of the Chinese Embassy in Indonesia, and some Indonesian naval officers and soldiers visited the Chinese naval ships.

During the three-day technical stop, the Chinese taskforce also carried out material replenishment, equipment maintenance and repair, and arranged officers and soldiers to visit outside and have an better understanding of the local history and culture and ethnic customs.

The guided missile frigate Yancheng (Hull 546), commanding ship of the 28th Chinese naval escort taskforce, approaches the dock slowly. (Photo by Wang You)

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