PLA Army teams win some IAG 2018 competitions in Russia

China Military Online
Li Jiayao

By Yang Qingmin and Li Dayong

MOSCOW, July 31 (ChinaMil) -- The International Army Games (IAG) 2018 has come to its fourth day. Participants from the Chinese PLA Army hit the ground running in competitions such as the “Tank Biathlon”, “Field Kitchen” and “Sniper Frontier”, and win one victory after another.

It is reported that a range of competitions such as “Tank Biathlon”, “Field Kitchen”, “Army Scout Masters”, “Elbrus Ring”, “Gunsmith Master”, “Safe Environment”, “Maintenance Battalion”, “Military Rally” and “Sniper Frontier” were kicked off in progression after the opening ceremony of theIAG 2018 on July 28. The PLA Army has achieved excellent results in some competitions.

As of the press time, the Chinese participating teams took the first place with the score of 21'00'' in the first day of the first round of the Individual Race in the “Tank Biathlon”, and won the first place in the National Cuisine Master and the Firing Competition in the “Field Kitchen”, as well as the top prize in the "Element" Individual Race in the “Sniper Frontier”.

China’s participants in the “Sniper Frontier” mainly consist of the officers and soldiers from the PLA 71st Group Army. Sergeant First Class Duan Kang, a special operations soldier of China, won top prize in “Element,” the first subject of the Individual Race carried out at stage one in the “Sniper Frontier” competition on July 29.

Li Bin, head of the PLA Army’s delegation to Russia, told reporters that compared with previous games, the IAG 2018 has added new content with greater difficulty, as well as more participating countries. Therefore, the Chinese participating teams face more intense competition.

He said that for this year’s IAG, the Chinese PLA Army's purpose is to train troops through competitions, accumulate experience, cultivate specialized troops, and improve the troops’ overall ability to win.


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