China rejects U.S. acting defense secretary's "false remarks" on Taiwan

Chen Zhuo
2019-06-01 23:13:30

SINGAPORE, June 1 (Xinhua) -- China firmly rejects the "false remarks" on Taiwan-related issues made by U.S. Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan at the ongoing 18th Shangri-La Dialogue, Chinese Lieutenant General Shao Yuanming said here on Saturday.

China welcomes the U.S. wish to develop a stable relationship between the militaries of the two countries, but "we resolutely reject" some "false remarks" on Taiwan made by Shanahan when addressing a plenary session at the dialogue, said Shao, deputy chief of the Joint Staff Department of China's Central Military Commission.

Taiwan has been an inseparable part of China since ancient times, Shao noted, saying that the one-China principle constitutes the political foundation of Sino-U.S. relations, and is also a universal consensus of the international community.

However, the U.S. side once again claimed at the Shangri-La Dialogue that it will offer necessary support to Taiwan according to the so-called "Taiwan Relations Act."

"The series of negative acts and comments recently made by the U.S. side on Taiwan-related issues violated the one-China principle and the three joint communiques between the two countries, jeopardized China's sovereignty and security, and damaged regional peace and stability," Shao said.

He emphasized that China must and will certainly realize its unification, and if anyone intends to separate Taiwan from China, the Chinese military will resolutely safeguard the unity of the motherland at all costs.

Officially known as the Asia Security Summit, the Shangri-La Dialogue has been organized and convened annually by the British think tank International Institute for Strategic Studies and the Singaporean government since 2002.

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