IAG-2021: China wins first in two events and second in five

China Military Online
Li Wei, Wang Xinjuan
2021-08-27 12:32:08

BEIJING, Aug. 27 -- In the latest contests of the International Army Games (IAG) 2021, Chinese teams took the lead in seven events including Clear Sky, Safe Environment and Airborne Platoon, and respectively ranked first in two events and second in five.

First in mastery race of Clear Sky

On August 24, the Chinese team competed with teams from Russia, Belarus, Egypt, Uzbekistan and Venezuela in the mastery race of the Clear Sky man-portable air-defense systems (MANPADS) crews.

The Chinese team took first place with an excellent result of 20 minutes and 20.936 seconds, followed by the Egyptian team with 39 minutes and 15.714 seconds, and the Belarusian team with 41 minutes and 51.042 seconds.

First in individual race of Safe Environment

The Safety Environment contest kicked off in Korla, northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, on August 25, Beijing time.

In the Safe Environment, each crew consists of three persons. The two Chinese crews are all from a combined brigade of the PLA 81st Group Army.

In the individual race, the Chinese team won the first place with both of the two Chinese crews completing the race with 9 minutes and 12 seconds, Russia and Belarus tied for the second place, and Uzbekistan won the third.

Second in Landing for Accuracy of Airborne Platoon contest

On August 23, Russian time, in the first stage of the Airborne Platoon contest, 22 Chinese airborne soldiers completed multiple tasks, including parachuting, landing, gathering, mustering and rapid march, in the shortest time and won the first place in this stage.

In the subsequent Landing for Accuracy match, 36 paratroopers from 12 participating teams including teams of China, Russia, and Belarus competed on the same stage, and the Chinese participants won the second place in the team competition.

Second place in first stage of Army Scout Masters contest

After competing in multiple items including infiltrating behind enemy lines, getting on and off the helicopter, and 15km forced march, the Chinese team won second place in the first stage of Army Scout Masters contest.

The Army Scout Masters event was held at the Novosibirsk Military Command Academy in Russia this year with participation of 14 countries and regions. This is also the seventh consecutive year that the Chinese military has sent teams to this event.

Second place in Masters of Armored Vehicles

The second stage of the Masters of Armored Vehicles repair crew competition kicked off in Russia on August 24, local time. Three members of the Chinese team worked tacitly and finally won second place.

Teams from five countries, i.e., China, Russia, Belarus, Uzbekistan and Egypt, participate in the Masters of Armored Vehicles event this year. The event consists of individual race, competition of the crews of the TTO workshops, competition of captain and team relay.

Second place in relay race of Seaborne Assault

In the relay race of Seaborne Assault on August 24, after more than six hours of fierce competition, Russia, China and Iran won the top three places.

Second in simulated equipment operation contest of Military Medical Relay Race

The simulated equipment operation contest of the Military Medical Relay Race event kicked off at the Forish training ground in Jizzax Province of Uzbekistan on August 24, local time.

Fu Fei, a female military doctor of the Chinese participating team, won the second place after nearly-one-day competition.


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