Seaborne Assault and Sea Cup of IAG 2021 wrap up in Russia

China Military Online
Wang Xinjuan
2021-08-30 17:12:25

By Xiao Yongli and Yao Guanchen

The Chinese participating crew passes the obstacle course in the relay race of the Seaborne Assault event. (Photo by Xiao Yongli)

VLADIVOSTOK, Russia, Aug. 30 -- The closing ceremony of the Seaborne Assault and Sea Cup events of the International Army Games (IAG) 2021 was held at the Vladivostok Military Port on August 29, local time.

In accordance with the results of the Seaborne Assault event, the organizing committee awarded the Chinese participating team the "Best Marine Platoon" title, and named China's Second Marine Squadron as the "Best Marine Squad", and China's soldier Corporal Bai Yongkun as the "Best Sniper".

"All participants competed on the same stage, communicated with each other, and improved together. They have forged deep friendship and shared beautiful memories. The Chinese service members endured hardship and fought very hard for victory, which had won high praise from the organizer and other participating teams," said He Yinsheng, the Chinese team leader. He also expressed that the Chinese troops will further summarize the experience in the competition and apply it to daily combat readiness training after returning to China.

It is learned that the Sea Cup event has a total of five items, and the PLA Navy's guided-missile frigate Guangyuan participated in three of them including the artillery firing against sea targets, removing floating mines, and frigate anchoring. The frigate Guangyuan had left for China on the afternoon of August 29, while the crew members participating in the Seaborne Assault event will return to China by a Chinese naval transport plane on August 30.


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