Highlights to expect in PLA Air Force's aviation open-day activities

China Military Online
Lin Congyi
2023-07-24 23:57:44

BEIJING, July 24 -- The Chinese People's Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) will host aviation open-day activities from July 26 to 30 at the Changchun Airport of the PLAAF. During the event, air performances, ground exhibitions, themed pavilions and other activities will be held, and various types of aircraft and ground equipment will be on public display. Xie Peng, the new spokesperson for the Chinese Air Force, introduced some highlights of the event at a press conference held on the morning of July 21.

One is to demonstrate the development achievements of the PLAAF. In addition to a number of representative equipment such as J-20, J-16, YY-20, Z-20, and reconnaissance drone-10 (UAV), the aviation open day activities will include performance subjects such as simulated air combat, refueling formation flight, and airborne assault. The spokesperson pointed out that such arrangements can reflect the overall improvement of the PLAAF's combat capability and show the phased results of its transformation. "At the same time, it can also demonstrate a kind of confidence – the Chinese Air Force is becoming more capable of fighting and more confident in winning battles," said Spokesperson Xie.

One is to show the glorious course of the PLAAF. This year's aviation open-day activities coincide with the 70th anniversary of the victory of the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea. "We will invite some representatives of the PLAAF's heroic units who participated in the war to share their battle stories, so as to express the commemoration of that great victory in a unique way of the air force," Spokesperson Xie said.

One is to display the characteristic culture of the PLAAF. During the event, the Bayi, Red Eagle and Sky Wing aerobatic teams will perform in the blue sky, and the Bayi and Blue Eagle parachute teams will take the stage again. Among them, the Bayi aerobatic team will make its first public appearance in China after being refitted with the J-10C fighter jet. New flight performances added for the first time this year will include JL-9 aircraft stand-alone performance display, simulated dual-aircraft air combat performance, J-16 dual-aircraft maneuver flight, YY-20 and J-20 four-aircraft escort formation low-altitude pass, and J-20 dual-aircraft or four-aircraft formation maneuver flight. In addition, the PLAAF's military band will perform live for the first time.

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