China Coast Guard wraps up law enforcement action during summer fishing ban

China Military Online
Lin Congyi
2022-09-19 18:18:01

BEIJING, Sept. 19 -- China's four-and-a-half-month maritime fishing moratorium came to an end on September 16. Meanwhile, a law-enforcement action co-launched by the China Coast Guard (CCG), China's Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, and Ministry of Public Security to fight illegal marine fishery activities during the fishing moratorium, concluded with significant results.

During the action, the CCG agencies at all levels dispatched ships for a total of 19,798 times and aircraft for 77 sorties, to board and check 2,443 fishing vessels, and seized 964 illegal ones. The action has effectively promoted the sustainable development of marine fishery resources.

As the fishing moratorium ends, China's fishery industry enters the peak season of fishing. The number of fishing vessels at sea has increased significantly, leading to rising risks of fishery disputes, illegal fishing in the fish habitat buffer zone , and illegal foreign fishing. In response, the CCG will continue to strengthen the law enforcement and supervision, so as to maintain the order of maritime production activities.


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