China Coast Guard denounces Philippines territorial infringement

China Daily
Wang Xinjuan
2024-03-22 09:01:08

The China Coast Guard firmly opposes the Philippines' infringement on China's territorial sovereignty, with 34 Filipino individuals illegally landing on Tiexian Reef in the South China Sea on Thursday, a spokesman said on Thursday afternoon.

China Coast Guard spokesperson Gan Yu said in a statement that on Thursday, those 34 Filipino individuals ignored warnings and dissuasion from the Chinese side, illegally landing on Tiexian Reef and conducting activities.

He said that the Chinese Coast Guard's law enforcement personnel boarded the reef to investigate and handle the situation following the law.

"China has indisputable sovereignty over the Nansha Islands, including Tiexian Reef, and its adjacent waters, which is supported by ample historical and legal basis," Gan said.

The actions of the Philippine side have infringed on China's territorial sovereignty, violating the Declaration on the Conduct of Parties in the South China Sea, and disrupting peace and stability in the South China Sea, the spokesperson said, noting that China firmly opposes Philippine actions.

"We urge the Philippine side to immediately stop its infringements. The China Coast Guard will continue to carry out rights protection and law enforcement activities under the law in the waters under China's jurisdiction," he said.

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