PLA Army holds NCO UAV skills competition

China Military Online
Wang Xinjuan
2023-11-23 18:46:33

BEIJING, Nov. 23 -- The PLA Army held the third UAV skills competition for targeted-training NCOs at an ordnance NCO school under the PLA Army Engineering University recently. More than 100 members of 20 participating teams from eight military educational institutions demonstrated their specialized UAV skills in the event.

The competition, set against the backdrop of specific UAV tasks, comprehensively examined the participants' basic professional skills and their ability to utilize UAV and provide support under real combat conditions. Along with answering theoretical questions, the participants operated the UAVs to complete rapid regional search, over-the-horizon flight preparation, and other tasks.

According to Yi Zhejing, a referee of the competition, complex environment and typical scenarios were integrated into the competition design, and new UAV technologies were incorporated into the competition process, leading to competition sessions closer to actual combat.

Targeted training NCOs have been an essential source of the military specialists. Besides the UAV competition, there are also sessions on army aviation and helicopter maintenance during this year's skills competition for targeted-training NCOs, which will last for seven days in total.

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