PLA Eastern Theater Command conducts joint military operations around Taiwan Island

China Military Online
Li Wei
2022-08-02 23:55:34

BEIJING, Aug. 2 -- "The PLA Eastern Theater Command will conduct a series of joint military operations around the Taiwan Island from the evening of August 2," said Senior Colonel Shi Yi, spokesperson for the Eastern Theater Command of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) in a written statement on Tuesday evening.

He specified that naval-air joint drills will be carried out in the northern, southwestern and southeastern waters and airspace off the Taiwan Island, long-range combat fire live shooting in the Taiwan Strait, and conventional missile firepower test launching in the waters off Eastern Taiwan Island.

The spokesperson pointed out that these military operations are the stern deterrence against the major escalation of the US' negative moves on the Taiwan question, and also the grave warning on the separatist actions of the "Taiwan independence" forces.


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