PLA continues to carry out combat training

China Daily
Chen Zhuo
2023-04-12 08:15:22

Warships from the Eastern Theater Command of the People's Liberation Army continued to carry out combat training on Tuesday, after the three-day "Joint Sword" joint exercises around Taiwan Island ended on Monday.

Several destroyers and frigates, which took part in the "Joint Sword", conducted training in waters surrounding Taiwan on Tuesday to hone officers' commanding skills and test weapons' performance, the Eastern Theater Command said in a news release on Tuesday.

The crew on CNS Xuzhou, a Type 054A guided-missile frigate sailing near Taiwan's eastern coasts, were put through intense drills on missile interception and attacks on enemy vessels. Meanwhile, CNS Xi'an, a Type 052C guided-missile destroyer, simulated anti-ship tasks in another sea area.

The two ships and other vessels also drilled on anti-submarine and air defense maneuvers.

Captain Liu Guoliang, commander of the Xuzhou, told China Central Television that the training on Tuesday was based on experience gained through the "Joint Sword" exercises and would help to improve the crew's combat skills and prepare them better for interservice operations.

During the "Joint Sword" exercises that started on Saturday, PLA naval vessels simulated port blockades and attacks on enemy ships.

The CNS Shandong aircraft carrier also participated in the drills.

The Eastern Theater Command announced on Monday evening that its forces had completed various tasks and the exercises had comprehensively examined the forces' capabilities to conduct joint operations.

The command will stand ready at all times to defeat any form of "Taiwan independence" separatism and foreign interference attempts, said Senior Colonel Shi Yi, spokesman for the command.

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