PLA Navy improves efficiency of emergency support for warships

China Military Online
Chen Lufan
2020-11-06 20:27:39
Warship gets oil replenishment at night. (Photo by Pang Zhongping)

BEIJING, Nov. 6 -- A comprehensive support base attached to the navy under the PLA Northern Theater Command recently debuted a new support model featured with ship reservations in advance. A ship could place its order for replenishment before returning from the drill, so that it would get the supplies in need from the comprehensive support base as soon as it returned to the dock.

In such a mission carried out recently, when the ship arrives at the port, the oil tank trucks and ammunition support trucks have lined up, and the support teams responsible for equipment and food support were also well prepared on the pier. Then, the replenishment process was completed in an orderly manner and the ship was transferred into the standby status for any emergency in the shortest time.

In the past, the ships used to report their supply demands only after berthing. Until then could the support base prepare the supplies, which would take at least one day.

 "The traditional support model is time-consuming and lacks foresight, with many uncertain factors in actual combat tasks," said the commander of the base. Therefore, the new model came into being.  

Once the supply order from the ship at sea is received, the base will quickly activate the emergency plan and distribute the order to relevant departments in charge of mines and bombs, military gears, fuel and food supplies. After preparation, support teams will get all their supplies ready for loading in the designated port well before the ship's arrival.


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