Military members continue to fight floods on front line

China Military Online
Huang Panyue
2024-04-25 12:52:25

GUANGZHOU, Apr. 24 -- Over the past few days, multiple units assigned to the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) Southern Theater Command have been fighting on the front line of flood control and disaster relief, making every effort to ensure the safety of the people's lives and property.

Affected by heavy rainfall, some roads in Jiangwan Town, Wujiang District, Shaoguan City of south China's Guangdong Province were damaged, and traffic was blocked. Communications and electrical power have not been available in some areas, seriously influencing local people's normal work and daily life. 

Upon arriving at the disaster-stricken area on April 22, a ground detachment under the PLA 74th Group Army started communications system setup, meteorological analysis and on-site survey, and carried out rescue work in no time.

On April 23, more than 300 troops assigned to a brigade under the PLA 74th Group Army stuck to the front line of disaster relief, unclogging roads, clearing mud, transporting supplies and evacuating the wounded. At present, they have cleared the road from Longgui Town to Jiangwan Town. At the same time, a certain unit under the PLA Rocket Force cleared five sections blocked by landslip, unblocked five kilometers of roads, and inspected more than 10 kilometers of roads on foot.

After receiving the order, a unit under the PLA Joint Logistics Support Force dispatched five wheeled equipment to the disaster-stricken area. Upon arriving at the mission area, the troops quickly set up field gas stations and emergency power stations to provide support for rescue vehicles and local people.

The troops assigned to the Shaoguan Detachment under the People's Armed Police (PAP) Force were mainly responsible for clearing roads, working with local departments to conduct emergency repair of communication links, and assisting the transportation of supplies. So far, the detachment has delivered more than 10 batches of supplies to ensure the basic necessities of the affected people. In addition, the troops carried out disinfection at resettlement sites and material storage sites every day.

Guangdong Provincial Military Command has dispatched more than 500 troops and militiamen to Shaoguan, Foshan, Qingyuan and other disaster-stricken areas to carry out dredging and obstacle removal, emergency repair of power supply and communication facilities, blocking the piping and on-site investigation. The troops have relocated more than 400 local residents,  cleared more than 800 cubic meters of mud, and unblocked more than 10 kilometers of roads.

Next, these units will help local people restore normal work and life order as soon as possible.

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