First TV series on PLA Rocket Force to be launched


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Chen Zhuo
2021-04-12 18:04:46
Teaser poster of the TV series, The Trumpeter in Position

BEIJING, Apr. 12 -- A press conference about the first TV series on the PLA Rocket Force (PLARF) -- The Trumpeter in Position was held in Beijing on April 9, with nearly 200 officers and soldiers from the PLARF attending the event. The TV series started shooting in 2018 and was scheduled to make its debut on April 13 this year.

北京,4月12日 -- 近日,中国首部火箭军题材电视剧《号手就位》举行发布会。当天,近200名来自火箭军的官兵来到现场。该剧于2018年正式启动,历时3年多完成,将于4月13日在电视台播出。

Adapted from the novel entitled Getting Enlisted Upon Graduation written by Feng Jie, the TV series tells a growth story of four college students who joined the PLARF with dreams, vividly reflecting the practices and demeanor of the service members witnessing the PLARF’s transformation and leapfrog development.


The PLARF is a core force of China’s strategic deterrence, a strategic buttress to sustain China’s position as a major power, and an essential footstone to safeguard national security. The TV series unveils the PLA Rocket Force’s mystery and showcases its demeanor in the new era, said a representative of the PLA Rocket Force on the press conference.


Stage photo of The Trumpeter in Position.

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