China Coast Guards in Zhejiang and Fujian brace for Typhoon Muifa


China Military Online
Li Wei
2022-09-14 19:54:51

BEIJING, Sept. 14 -- China has upgraded the typhoon alert to orange, the second-highest level, as Muifa, the 12th typhoon in this year, is expected to make landfall in the coastal areas between Wenling city and Zhoushan city in southeast China's Zhejiang Province during the afternoon and night of September 14. The Zhejiang and Fujian Provincial Bureaus of China Coast Guard (CCG) have taken multiple precautionary measures to mitigate possible disasters.

北京9月14日电  今年第12号台风“梅花”预计将于14日下午到夜间在浙江温岭到舟山一带沿海登陆,登陆时强度为台风级或强台风级。浙江、福建海警局多措并举,密切关注台风动向,积极开展防御台风准备工作,切实构筑防灾减灾救灾安全防线。

Upon receiving the alert, the Zhejiang and Fujian Provincial Bureaus launched related emergency response plans against typhoon disaster, prepared enough relief materials, and strengthened real-time monitoring for in-depth analysis on Muifa's route.


At the wharfs and mountain flats within the coastal harbors in the two provinces, CCG law enforcement personnel were busy guiding the vessels to take shelter in an orderly manner, and combed the sea areas and coastlines under the jurisdiction to have careful inspection of the breaches in the dykes and seawalls, prepared sandbags and reinforced low-lying areas against seawater intrusion.

At the same time, they also ensured that all the water-side population had received the typhoon warnings and been aware of the typhoon prevention measures, and helped them reinforce the ship's mooring cables, check the hull condition, sort out and carry fishing gears, and overhaul security facilities.


China Coast Guard members help strengthening mooring cables of fishing ships at a coastal harbor in Zhejiang Province.


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