Chinese naval hospital ship leaves Timor-Leste for home


China Military Online
Lin Congyi
2023-09-11 18:31:32

By Li Yun and Xu Wei

黎云 徐巍

The Chinese naval hospital ship Peace Ark sails off the Port of Dili, Timor-Leste, on September 10. (Photo by Gui Jiangbo/Xinhua)


DILI, Timor-Leste, Sept. 11 -- The Chinese naval hospital ship Peace Ark, which is on the mission of Harmonious Mission 2023, rounded off its visit to the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste and departed for China from the Port of Dili, on September 10.


The ship's revisit to Timor-Leste after a gap of 6 years received a warm welcome from local people and overseas Chinese. Some dignitaries of the country also paid visits to the ship and experienced physical examination and diagnosis services onboard.

On the evening of September 7, President of Timor-Leste José Ramos-Horta personally greeted the doctors and nurses on the ship before the deck reception. Timor-Leste Minister of Health Élia António de Araújo dos Reis Amaral also frequently served as a volunteer and worked with the Chinese medical staff to help the local patients on the ship.


During the seven-day medical service, the hospital ship had registered a total of 10,947 diagnoses and treatments, 6,371 auxiliary examinations, 13 inpatients and 50 surgeries, achieving a new record for the highest number of medical consultations per day and per station during the mission.

At the same time, Peace Ark also sent six expert medical teams to carry out medical tours in the Ministry of Defence and Security, the headquarter of the National Police, the navy command headquarter, Liquica and Ataúro Island  in the country.


Timor-Leste is the last stop of the Harmony Mission 2023 for Peace Ark. After leaving the Port of Dili, the ship embarked on a voyage home and is scheduled to arrive at Zhoushan Port in East China's Zhejiang Province on September 19.


The mother of the 3rd Peace Baby born during the Harmony Mission 2023 meets her child face-to-face for the first time aboard the Chinese naval hospital ship Peace Ark on September 5. (Photo by Li Kejiahe/Xinhua)中国海军“和平方舟”号医院船执行“和谐使命-2023”任务中的第3名“和平宝宝”在东帝汶诞生,新生儿与母亲第一次见面(9月5日摄)。新华社发(李珂嘉贺摄)

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