China, Mongolia hold Border Defense Cooperation-2023 joint drill


China Military Online
Huang Panyue
2023-11-13 19:27:41

Members of the two militaries analyze and estimate battlefield situation during the exercise. (Photo by Chen Qi) 演练期间,中蒙两军参演官兵分析研判战场态势。陈琦摄

BEIJING, Nov. 13 -- China and Mongolia held the Border Defense Cooperation-2023 joint drill in the border region near Changji Hui autonomous prefecture in Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region on November 10.

新疆昌吉,11月13日电 -- 11月10日,中蒙两军在新疆昌吉回族自治州附近的中蒙边界地区举行“边防合作-2023”联合演练。

Concentrated on China-Mongolia joint actions to curb border crimes, this joint drill aimed to enhance the capabilities of the two sides' border defense forces to jointly combat cross-border smuggling and terrorist sabotage activities.


The drill focused on joint command, operational disposition, and observation and demonstration. Both sides' participants carried out siege and capture, hostage rescue, tactical combat casualty care and other real-combat training subjects, in a bid to explore the establishment of joint command between the two sides, enhance the operational capabilities of joint response to major border contingencies, and preserve the peace and stability in the border regions together.


During the drill, both sides adopted various methods of information sharing to transmit the frontline situation in the border region back to the joint tactical command post in real time, effectively supporting the commander's judgment and decision-making.


For operational disposition, border defense troops of the two sides jointly sieged and chased the mock terrorists applying combined methods of fire strike and force assault. In the phase of handover and extraction, they jointly conducted on-site evidence collection, personnel transfer, and battlefield extraction, to test the tactic achievement explored during the border counter-terrorism operations by the two militaries.


Members of both sides showed good technical and tactical qualities, excellent training capabilities, stable psychological qualities and tough fighting spirit during the drill, demonstrating their firm determination and operational capabilities to jointly strike border smuggling and terrorist sabotage activities.


The two sides also organized activities such as military skill demonstration, weapons and equipment display, and other military exchanges.


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