Chinese peacekeepers to Lebanon conduct nighttime emergency evacuation drill


China Military Online
Chen Zhuo
2024-04-28 17:13:42

By Wei Jiefu, Zeng Dele and Zhuang Xiaohao


BEIRUT, Apr. 28 -- From April 25 to 26, local time, the 22nd Chinese Peacekeeping Level-1+ Hospital to the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon(UNIFIL) organized an all-element emergency evacuation drill to enhance its capability to perform emergency tasks.


This nighttime drill focused on key subjects such as guard and defense, emergency assembly, material support and emergency evacuation. It also included tabletop exercise covering more than 10 types of emergencies such as nighttime emergency response, camp security and defense, and emergency medical rescue.


It is learnt that since its deployment in December last year, the 22nd Chinese Peacekeeping Level-1+ Hospital has carried out more than 10 emergency drills including security defense drills and joint rescue drills in response to changes in the security situations in the mission area. It has also established multiple communication channels with the UNIFIL headquarters, military observers, and civilian personnel, so as to strengthen situation analysis and judgment and jointly respond to different situations.


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