Chinese naval hospital ship Peace Ark visits Seychelles again after 14 years

China Military Online
Chen Zhuo
2024-07-09 21:24:20

The picture shows the scene of the welcome ceremony. (Photo by Liu Zhilei)

VICTORIA, July 9 -- The Chinese naval hospital ship Peace Ark arrived at Seychelles, the first stop of Harmonious Mission 2024, for a seven-day friendly visit and humanitarian medical service on July 5, local time. This marks the Peace Ark hospital ship's second visit to Seychelles in 14 years, following its last visit in 2010.

The ship Peace Ark arrived in Port Victoria at 10 a.m. and received a grand welcome ceremony held by the Seychelles side at the dock. Seychelles Minister for Health Peggy Vidot and Chief of Defense Forces Michael Rosette attended the ceremony and toured the ship. Seychelles military and government officials, Chinese Ambassador to Seychelles Lin Nan and other embassy staff, representatives of Chinese-funded institutions, and overseas Chinese welcomed the ship at the dock.

During the following seven days, Peace Ark will provide medical services to local patients with onboard facilities, while sending medical teams to carry out free clinic and academic exchange activities in local hospitals and communities. The 19th Chinese medical team dispatched to Seychelles will assist the services during the whole process.

As of July 7, visiting medical staff have treated over 1,000 patients, with cataract surgeries, excision of surface tumors, digestive endoscopies, and numerous examinations being carried out. These efforts were warmly received by local residents.

The picture shows the scene of the welcome ceremony. (Photo by Liu Zhilei)

Medical staff of Chinese naval hospital ship Peace Ark are ready for service. (Photo by Cao Chunyao)

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