A glance into national economic mobilization exercise in Shandong Province

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Wang Xinjuan
2022-10-17 11:11:10

By Wang Dongliang and Chen Maoxin

In a recent national economic mobilization exercise held in Zibo, east China’s Shandong Province, the UAVs are deployed to deliver emergency supplies to transient troops. (Photo by Chen Maoxin)

A national economic mobilization support exercise codenamed "Central Shandong Support-2022" was held in Zibo, east China's Shandong Province recently.

In these years, Zibo city has established multiple national economic mobilization centers relying on local modern large-scale enterprises, and has grasped the basic situation of the local national defense mobilization system through statistical surveys.

This time, relevant military and civilian departments of Shandong Province organized more than 10 civilian enterprises and institutions, and 20 professional support teams to conduct drills based on two response schemes for the scenario of delivering first-aid medicine to transient troops in the case of road destruction.

On the one hand, the traffic support team applied new-type quick-set materials to repair the road, after which the road could carry heavy rubber-tire and tracked vehicles. On the other hand, a high-tech enterprise sent a batch of UAVs to deliver emergency medicine to the transient troops.

After that, the organizer conducted a drill to provide 5,000 personnel with non-staple food for the transient troops for 7 days. They selected a local economic mobilization center at the national level from the national defense mobilization potential database. The drill involved the coordination and implementation of multiple tasks including raising, checking and transporting non-staple food.

In addition, according to Fang Shijun, head of the combat readiness division under the Zibo Military Sub-command, while the boundary between the front line and rear area in modern war has been blurred, the ground economic targets are vulnerable to air attacks. Therefore, the protection and rescue of important economic targets were also included in the exercise. Under the background of a simulated air attack, all professional support teams of civil air defense had the courses of target camouflage and transfer of important facilities underground in the early stage, air barrier and smoke screen set in the middle stage, and eliminating the consequences of air attack and secondary disasters in the later stage training.

"This exercise serves to explore the ways of economic mobilization under the new situation, and has tested the capability of the professional support teams for national defense mobilization in Zibo city," said Wang Peiquan, commander of the Zibo Military Sub-command, adding that next, they would mobilize these professional support teams to participate in major tasks, so as to get capable of reinforcing the front-line troops while protecting the rear area.

During a national economic mobilization exercise recently held in Zibo city, Shandong Province, a professional team of civil air defense uses spraying firefighting equipment and firefighting robots to eliminate the secondary disasters of an "air attack". (Photo by Chen Maoxin)

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