Plateau scouts carry out training at altitude of 5,800 meters

China Military Online
Li Jiayao
2023-02-03 21:29:41

BEIJING, Feb. 3 -- A combined-arms brigade under the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) Xizang Military Command organized a multi-subject training event for its reconnaissance detachment in a hinterland of the Himalayas with an altitude of more than 5,800 meters. Complex terrain and changeable weather made this area a perfect natural training ground for plateau scouts.

During the training, the biggest challenge was climbing the 30-meter-high, almost vertical ice wall. This is a natural marine glacier with strong ice activity and a steep and slippery ice surface.

Danzeng Chilie assigned to the reconnaissance detachment was once a member of the Snow Wolf Extreme Climbing Team before joining the military. He had participated in the support work of elevation measurement of Mount Everest three times. In this mission, he volunteered to be the lead climber.

The lead climber must face the double test of physical strength and skills. The cracks on the ice surface and the broken ice that fell from time to time made the process more difficult. Danzeng Chilie used ice axes to remove the soft ice, drove the cones into the ice wall to set up fixed points, and planned the climbing route for his team members. After reaching the top of the ice wall, he quickly built a protection station to help others climb to the top. Later, all troops followed the planned route, overcame difficulties, and successfully climbed to the top.

The training covers more than 20 kilometers. After more than seven hours, all team members overcame plateau hypoxia, broke through their physiological limits, arrived at the target area on time and completed the reconnaissance mission.

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