The eighth Type 055 destroyer officially commissioned to PLA Navy

China Military Online
Huang Panyue
2023-04-23 18:03:13

BEIJING, April 23 -- The PLA Navy's Type 055 guided-missile destroyer Xianyang (Hull Number 108) departed from a naval port of the PLA Southern Theater Command to carry out the latest combat training mission.

In March 2023, the destroyer Xianyang, as China's latest Type 055 destroyer, was officially commissioned to the PLA Navy. Equipped with the most advanced weapons and equipment, the destroyer Xianyang is capable of carrying out missions independently and serving as a "mighty guard" in the aircraft carrier taskforces.

On January 12, 2020, China's first Type 055 guided-missile destroyer Nanchang was officially commissioned to the PLA Navy. Over the past three years, the Type 055 10-thousand-ton destroyer family has been expanding. So far, the Chinese PLA Navy has officially commissioned eight Type 055 guided-missile destroyers, namely: the destroyer Nanchang (Hull 101), destroyer Lhasa (Hull 102), destroyer Anshan (Hull 103), destroyer Wuxi (Hull 104), destroyer Dalian (Hull 105), destroyer Yan'an (Hull 106), destroyer Zunyi (Hull 107), and destroyer Xianyang (Hull 108).

Compared with its predecessor, the Type 055 destroyer features a larger platform, more equipment, and enhanced self-sufficiency, and can stay at sea for longer time. Besides, it can achieve full gas turbine propulsion and sail faster. In addition, its 130mm main gun has the function of long-range strikes against both sea and land targets, and its capabilities for information acquisition and command and control have been greatly improved.

The vertical launching system on the Type 055 destroyer has a greater payload, longer range, and stronger ability to coordinate with air defense operations. It can coordinate with surface and air combat forces to carry out coordinated detection, command, and countermeasure tasks, with stronger information processing ability and a wider range of means to be used, as well as optimal resources and performance.

Besides, the Type 055 destroyer is also equipped with an integrated radio frequency (RF) system that can uniformly process information collected by all sensors, providing a clearer and farther view than before, rendering improved operational effectiveness in complex electromagnetic environment, significantly enhancing the low-altitude detection capability, and allowing for sufficient time for terminal defense.

Furthermore, the anti-submarine weapons system of Type 055 destroyer can currently carry various types of torpedoes, which possess stronger combat capabilities, wider strike range and higher hit rates in comparison to the previous generation of destroyers.

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