Chinese military participates in HADR drill under Cobra Gold 2024 exercise

China Military Online
Li Weichao
2024-03-01 23:04:24

By Lei Yang, Li Zhulin and Lin Yingyi

BEIJING, Mar. 1 -- Recently, the Cobra Gold 2024 Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief Demonstration kicked off at the Disaster Relief Training Centre in Chachoengsao Province, Thailand. During the four days' drill, the Chinese contingent dispatched 20 members to participate in six training courses, including operational coordination, personnel search and rescue, water rescue, fire rescue, hazardous substances leakage disposal and medical first aid.

On the morning of February 25, the Thai Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation, police, non-governmental organizations and other participating countries organized workshop to exchange ideas on various aspects of the disaster management system. The Chinese representatives presented a special lecture on the operational concept of hazardous substance disposal during the events.

From February 26 to 27, under the scenario of Thailand's suffering dual disasters of floods and earthquakes, the military assistance forces of various countries jointly conducted comprehensive training with specialized rescue agencies under the coordination and arrangement of the Multinational Coordination Center.

On the morning of February 28, a member of the Chinese water rescue team, which was grouped with US and ROK counterparts, dived into the water at the first time, found the drowning casualty successfully, and started the rescue.

Following the steps of reconnaissance, separation, leakage disposal and decontamination, the Chinese chemical leakage disposal team carried out emergency response in the chemical tank vehicle accident drill, and introduced the operational principles, disposal process, and working standards, among others.

Previously, the Chinese contingent has systematically learned relevant standard operating procedures on humanitarian assistance.

The joint exercise not only presented the professionalism and rescue capabilities of the Chinese military, but also demonstrated the good image of the military of a major power. It will facilitate China's further contributions to international humanitarian assistance missions.

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