First batch of Chinese participating troops in Steppe Partner-2024 returns from Mongolia

China Military Online
Huang Panyue
2024-05-23 09:28:31

By Ren Xu, Zhang Dongpan, Liu Dan and Guo Xiaoning

BEIJING, May 23 -- The first batch of Chinese troops participating in the China-Mongolia "Steppe Partner-2024" joint army training departed Mongolia for home on the afternoon of May 21.

Before departure, the Mongolian side held a brief farewell ceremony at the train station according to traditional etiquette.

The Steppe Partner-2024 this year marks the first joint exercise between Chinese and Mongolian armies. The Chinese participating troops began withdrawal on May 21 in succession. According to the plan, nearly 100 vehicles will be transported by train in three echelons, which is expected to be completed by May 24.

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