Warm winter for troops stationed on plateau

China Military Online
Lin Congyi
2022-11-09 20:19:42

As November kicks in, the average nighttime temperature on Karakoram Plateau in China, which has an average altitude of over 5000 meters, has fallen below 20 degrees Celsius.

With various support facilities and equipment and cold-proof materials, the service members of a regiment under the PLA Xinjiang Military Command stationed therein for training can have a cozy winter.

Cold-proof clothing and accouterments well prepared

The picture shows new-type cold-proof quilts and clothes.

This year, they have received several batches of cold-proof clothing and accouterments, including shoes, clothes and sleeping bags, most of which are made of down fillings. They are lightweight and portable, with improved cold-proof performance.

Adequate food reserves

The picture shows a thermostatic vegetable cellar.

In order to provide service members with fresh fruits and vegetables on the plateau, a thermostatic vegetable cellar has been built in their camp. The regiment also stores staple food, meat and various kinds of dry provisions to ensure that everyone could have enough to eat and eat well.

Winter-proof prefabs being popularized

The picture shows the third-generation winter prefabs with solar panel roof.

The service members have moved into the third-generation winter prefabs, which are made of thermal insulation materials and powered by solar panels. With the help of electric heaters, the houses can maintain a normal and comfortable temperature. In addition, a variety of supporting facilities have been built in the camp to guarantee people’s daily needs.

Continuous improvement of oxygen supply capacity

The picture shows an element patrolling with oxygen generators.

Anoxia has been an unavoidable topic when it comes to settling on plateau. Today, from the oxygen cabin to the portable oxygen generator, from the diffusion oxygen generator to the micro hyperbaric oxygen chamber, oxygen supply has been made adequate to support the training and daily life of the service members stationed in the plateau.

Thermal insulation garage to help equipment undergo winter safely

The picture shows soldiers building a thermal insulation garage.

While the troops can spend a warm and cozy winter, the weapons and equipment also house in a warm place. Stored in the newly built thermal insulation garages, the vehicles are always ready to mission, immune from the extreme coldness in the field.


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