Chinese peacekeepers to DRC safeguard peace, spread friendship

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Lin Congyi
2024-05-17 23:38:14

By Yang Ou and Huang Weixin

On April 9, the 27th Chinese Peacekeeping Contingent to the United Nations Organization Stabilization Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (MONUSCO) was awarded the UN Peace Medal. Ms. Bintou Keita of Guinea, Special Representative of the Secretary-General in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and Head of the MONUSCO, stated at the award ceremony that batches of Chinese peacekeepers had fully demonstrated strict discipline and professionalism in their missions safeguarding local peace and development.

Emergency road repair in rainy season to ensure traffic safety

In December 2023, as the DRC was in the rainy season, a section from Miti to Bunyakiriof the country's highway N3 was severely damaged under water erosion, leading to inaccessibility to vehicles in some parts. Upon receiving the road repair task, the Chinese Peacekeeping Engineering Company to MONUSCO dispatched a detachment to undertake the repair work and completed it three workdays in advance to ensure the smooth traffic flow.

"The rainy season tends to see frequent natural disasters, making it difficult to carry out construction work," said Wang Shaohong, commander of the 27th Chinese Peacekeeping Contingent to MONUSCO, adding that no matter what difficulties they encountered, the Chinese peacekeepers always chose to brave the difficulties, and completed various engineering tasks with high quality and efficiency.

"I have worked with the Chinese peacekeepers more than once. They have always been able to overcome difficulties and complete tasks in a timely manner. Their awesome professionalism and dedication are admirable," said James Lobo, engineering officer of the Civil Affairs Section of the MONUSCO in Bukavu.

Peacekeepers of the 27th Chinese Peacekeeping Contingent to MONUSCO conduct road investigation.

Winning trust and respect with superb medical skills and ethics

To Sun Zaihua, a military doctor of Chinese Peacekeeping Level-II Hospital to MONUSCO, the most memorable surgery was the one made on Chinese New Year's Eve, 2024. When the Chinese hospital was hosting New Year's Eve celebration party, a patient with acute appendicitis was transferred there from the level-I hospital run by Pakistani peacekeepers.

"The patient was in imminent danger after two-day delay, and appendiceal perforation could happen at any time, which was life-threatening. We immediately performed surgery, during which we found that the patient's appendix was purulent, and made timely treatment. Otherwise, the consequences would be terrible," recalled Sun Zaihua.

Postoperative care in the six hours after surgery is particularly crucial. Since the patient was sent back to the ward, Yang Qiaoqiao, the head nurse, along with the on-duty nurse, tended on him all the time. On the very morning of Chinese Lunar New Year's Day, all the doctors involved in the surgery came to the ward to examine the patient and they felt at ease when seeing that the patient's condition had improved markedly.

With superb medical skills and high-quality service, the Chinese peacekeeping medical contingent has won the trust of patients and been widely recognized. A Uruguayan peacekeeper wrote on the back of his name badge the following words: "If I get injured, please transfer me to a Chinese hospital."

Doctors of the27th Chinese Peacekeeping Contingent to MONUSCO perform a surgery for a patient with appendicitis. (Photo by Q Linying)

Spreading hope

In addition to building roads and bridges, treating patients and saving lives in local areas, the Chinese peacekeepers have also taught Chinese to the residents around, organized charitable activities, and offered assistance of various forms to the best of their ability, thus forging a deep friendship with the local people.

The SOS Children's Villages International located in Bukavu city is the home of orphans who lost their parents due to war, disease, and starvation. It is reported that the Chinese peacekeeping medical contingent has been offering medical and material assistance to the children's villages for many years. The peacekeepers had been on rotation, but their love was carried on. "We hope to sow the seeds of love on the land of Africa through our own actions," said Wen Jinshen, head of the Chinese medical contingent.

For the past 21 years, Chinese peacekeepers have stood firm on the front line, spreading hope and safeguarding peace. The engineering contingent completed over 660 engineering surveys, more than 580 engineering tasks, repaired over 1800 km of roads and more than 80 bridges. Besides, the Chinese medical contingent received over 33,000 patients with over 4,100 hospitalized, and performed over 5,200 surgeries.

On May 4, the 27th Chinese Peacekeeping Contingent to the MONUSCO successfully completed its eight-month peacekeeping mission and returned to China safe and sound. According to the UN Security Council Resolution 2717, the rotation of Chinese peacekeeping forces to the DRC is suspended after all the 27th batch of Chinese Peacekeeping Contingent to MONUSCO returns home.

Peacekeepers of the 27th Chinese Peacekeeping Contingent to MONUSCO play with children from the SOS Children's Villages International. (Photo by Xu Yanmei)

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