Senior official stresses unremitting fight against terrorism

Li Jiayao
2019-03-26 08:40:45

BEIJING, March 25 (Xinhua) -- State Councilor Zhao Kezhi Monday stressed unremitting efforts to fight terrorism, as the country marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China this year.

Zhao, also chief of the national anti-terrorism leading group, ordered counter-terrorism officials to strengthen intelligence early warning, deepen the work of de-extremism and consolidate the overall good momentum in the fight against terrorism, at both a meeting of the leading group and a national video-conference on anti-terrorism work.

He also called for efforts to further improve the terrorism prevention system and the emergency response mechanism.

The Communist Party of China's policies concerning ethnic groups should be fully implemented, Zhao said, emphasizing upholding equality among all ethnic groups and promoting exchanges among them.

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