PLA troops conduct emergency rescue in flood-stricken areas

China Military Online
Li Weichao
2023-08-02 17:10:44

By Fan Bin, Qian Xiaohu and Li Peng

Soldiers assigned to a brigade under the PLA 82nd Group Army strengthen the embankment throughout the night. (Photo by Deng Qinghua)

BEIJING, Aug. 2 -- Affected by the northward-moving Typhoon Doksuri, incessant torrential rain has lashed Beijing and other places in north China's Hebei Province in recent days, which caused floods, waterlogging and other geological disasters in many areas. Military members and militiamen rushed to perform flood prevention and disaster relief tasks, and made an all-out effort to ensure the safety of people's lives and properties.

On the evening of July 30, more than 3,000 soldiers assigned to the Chinese People's Armed Police (PAP) Force Beijing Corps, carrying professional rescue equipment, rushed to the disaster-stricken areas such as Liulihe Town of Fangshan District, and Sujiatuo Town of Haidian District in Beijing. As of the morning of August 1, they have successfully transferred a total of 1,122 people and more than 2,250 pieces of materials. They have also blocked four gushing pipelines, filled more than 49,000 sandbags, built 1.5 kilometers of protective dams and patrolled 45 kilometers of dams.

At midnight on July 31, a brigade under the PLA 82nd Group Army dispatched five transport vehicles to the disaster-stricken Baoding East Station, Baoding City, Hebei Province, and transferred hundreds of trapped passengers.

Starting from July 31, the Hengshui Military Sub-Command dispatched militiamen to the north side of the Hutuo River in Shijiazhuang City to clear obstacles, build dikes, and prepare for the evacuation of residents living nearby the river.

At about 9:30 am on August 1, four transport helicopters attached to a brigade under the PLA 81st Group Army airdropped emergency supplies to the disaster-stricken areas in Mentougou District in Beijing, delivering urgently needed supplies such as food, raincoats and blankets to the affected people in time.

It is reported that the Joint Commanding Center of the PLA Central Theater Command has been operating day and night to command the front-line rescue operations in real time.

Soldiers assigned to the Chinese People's Armed Police (PAP) Force Beijing Corps transfer the affected people. (Photo by He Guancheng)

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