Armed forces join landslide emergency relief in SW China

China Military Online
Li Jiayao
2024-01-23 18:06:59

KUNMING, Jan. 23 -- A landslide occurred in Liangshui Village, Tangfang Town, southwest China's Yunnan Province, at around 6:00 am on January 22, which caused 18 houses buried and 47 people missing. Military and militia forces stationed in Yunnan Province rushed to the rescue with all strength.

Zhaotong Military Sub-Command in Yunnan Province dispatched one hundred and four militia members to the disaster scene at 9:30 am the same day with UAVs, life detectors and other emergency rescue equipment to assist the local emergency response forces.

The Zhaotong detachment under the People's Armed Police (PAP) Force Yunnan Corps also dispatched two batches of troops to provide emergency relief. During the process, observation and security teams were sent to survey the terrain and conduct evacuation operations in case of secondary disasters.

With the temperature dropping dramatically due to cold wave, rescue personnel overcame various difficulties to search and rescue missing people. Through the joint military and civil effort, more than 500 affected people have been evacuated, and their basic livelihood has been guaranteed with the provision of food, water and clothes.

As of press time, the relief work is still proceeding intensely and orderly.

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