PLA, PAP troops and militias fight on frontline of flood control, disaster relief work in Guangdong, Fujian

China Military Online
Huang Panyue
2024-06-19 20:05:31

By Liu Yinuo, Han Xueyang and Zhang Xin

GUANGZHOU, China, June 19 -- In the past few days, continuous heavy rainfall has wreaked havoc in southern China, leading to floods and geological disasters in areas such as Guangdong and Fujian Provinces, and causing casualties and property losses. Chinese service members and militias were quickly dispatched to the frontline of flood control and disaster relief.

Multiple locations in Meizhou City of Guangdong Province experienced house collapses, power outages, communication failures, road blockages, and landslides. The Meizhou detachment under the PAP Guangdong Corps quickly deployed troops equipped with various rescue tools to provide emergency assistance in the severely affected areas including Pingyuan County and Dabu County.

The Meizhou military sub-command dispatched more than 500 militiamen in 10 batches to Pingyuan County, Jiaoling County, Meixian District, Dabu County and other disaster-stricken areas, and evacuated approximately 5,240 people and cleared four collapsed roads.

The heavy rainfall also caused road and house collapses in multiple areas in Longyan City, Nanping City, and Sanming City in Fujian Province. The PAP Fujian Corps dispatched over 180 troops carrying eight rescue boats and more than 500 sets of equipment to conduct preparatory work and rescue operations in Nanping City and Longyan City.

Fujian Provincial Military Command dispatched 758 troops and militiamen to conduct rescue operations in Wuping County, Shanghang County, Guangze County, and Songxi County, and they have evacuated 931 people and cleared 6.5 kilometers of roads.

Currently, heavy rainfall continues in many southern regions. The PLA, PAP troops and militias are still fighting on the frontline of flood control and disaster relief work. Meanwhile, all units are closely monitoring weather changes and the development of natural disasters, and are making all necessary preparations for further rescue operations.

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