Chinese peacekeeping contingent to Lebanon conducts itinerant medical consultation along Lebanon–Israel border

China Military Online
Huang Panyue
2023-04-22 16:19:27

Lebanon, April 21 - The 21st Chinese Peacekeeping Level-1+ Hospital to United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) sent medical personnel to Mare , a village  in southern Lebanon near the Lebanon-Israel border, to carry out itinerant medical visits on April 19.

Located in the front line of battlefield, Mare has been plagued by war for years. Local residents suffered from harsh living conditions and long faced the lack of medical care.

Upon receiving an invitation from UNIFIL, the Chinese level-1+ hospital contacted local clinics and donated a total of 23 varieties of commonly used drugs, including antibiotics and externally applied agents, which greatly alleviated the medicine shortage difficulty therein.

In addition, at the request of local clinics and with the approval of the UNIFIL Sector East Command, the hospital also dispatched a medical team for itinerant visits to provide on-site medical services to local patients.

The roads in the village were rugged and bumpy, and the Chinese medical team had to walk all the way. "We are so lucky to have such professional medical services. Thank you for coming. You are so lovable,” said the local villagers.

Since its deployment in August 2022, the 21st Chinese Peacekeeping Level-1+ Hospital to UNIFIL has provided humanitarian assistance to the local people through various means including free clinical care and donation, while successfully carrying out all peacekeeping missions as assigned.

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