Chinese peacekeepers to Lebanon conduct cultural exchanges with local school

China Military Online
Huang Panyue
2024-03-14 18:12:35

By Huang Yuanli, Qu Fatong and Wu Peichen

Chinese peacekeepers pose for a group photo with local school teachers.

BERUIT, Mar. 14 -- Recently, peacekeepers assigned to the 22nd Chinese Peacekeeping Multi-Role Engineering Company to the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) visited a middle school in southern Lebanon. Through cultural exchange activities, they showed the charm of Chinese culture, demonstrated the good image of Chinese troops and enhanced the friendship between China and Lebanon.

Chinese peacekeepers brought local students with performances and carried out interactive activities including Sichuan Opera face-changing performances, Guzheng playing, and calligraphy experience. Local students enthusiastically interacted with them, while also learning about and experiencing the unique charm of Chinese culture through Guzheng, nunchaku, calligraphy, and other activities.

The peacekeepers also donated a batch of desks, chairs, as well as sports equipment such as basketballs and footballs to the school.

The principal of the school expressed heartfelt thanks to the Chinese peacekeeping troops. "My students have been living under the shadow of wars, and you Chinese peacekeepers have always been helping them for a long time, trying to make them happy," said the principal.

It is learnt that since being deployed to the mission area in December last year, the 22nd Chinese Peacekeeping Multi-Role Engineering company to UNIFIL has effectively fulfilled various peacekeeping tasks and conducted numerous activities such as free clinics, medicine donations, and cultural exchanges locally. At the same time, the Chinese peacekeepers have provided humanitarian assistance to local people by performing tasks such as sewage pumping and house repairs. They have established profound friendship with the people of Lebanon and earned widespread praise from them.

A Chinese peacekeeper performs Sichuan Opera face-changing on the stage.

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