Chinese peacekeepers in South Sudan (Wau) pass 2nd quarter UN equipment inspection

China Military Online
Huang Panyue
2024-06-20 17:53:14

The Chinese peacekeepers are debriefed by the UN inspection team.

WAU, June 20 -- Recently, the 14th Chinese Peacekeeping Horizontal Engineering Company and Level-II Hospital to the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) passed the UN equipment inspection in the second quarter with high standards.

A 15-member UN inspection team dispatched by UNMISS inspected theequipment of the engineering units in Wau, Aweil and Kuajok,and the equipment of the medical contingent.

The inspection team carried out an all-element and all-round inspection and evaluation, focusing on hundreds of items including vehicle equipment, weapons and ammunition, medical facilities, water and power supply of barracks, cooking supplies and firefighting equipment.

During the equipment inspection, members of the Chinese engineering contingent presented in detail the conditions of various facilities combined with practical operation and demonstration of the weapons and equipment. Meanwhile, peacekeepers of the medical contingent gave a detailed introduction to the performance of all kinds of medical equipment and skillfully demonstrated the operation of the equipment.

Since being deployed in the mission area, the 14th Chinese Peacekeeping Horizontal Engineering Company has completed different peacekeeping missions including supply route repair, airport facility renovation, prefab house construction and humanitarian assistance. The Chinese peacekeeping Level-II Hospital has treated more than 850 patients and undertaken 10 emergency forward reception and aeromedical evacuation tasks.

The Chinese peacekeepers get ready for the equipment inspection by the UN inspection team.

The UN inspection team inspects the equipment.

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