Regular Press Conference of the Ministry of National Defense on June 24

Ministry of National Defense
Wang Xinjuan
2021-06-28 23:39:14

By Senior Colonel Ren Guoqiang, Deputy Director General of the Information Office of the Ministry of National Defense (MND) and Spokesperson for the MND

Senior Colonel Ren Guoqiang, spokesperson for the Ministry of National Defense (MND) of the People's Republic of China (PRC), answers reporters' questions at a regular press conference on June 24, 2021. (Photo:

(The following English text of the press conference is for reference. In case of any divergence of interpretation, the Chinese text shall prevail.)

First of all, I would like to announce two pieces of news.

The first is about the arrangements of activities held by the Chinese military to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China (CPC).

To celebrate the centenary of the CPC, the Central Military Commission (CMC) has made arrangements for the commemorative activities held by the military in accordance with the overall arrangements rolled out by the CPC Central Committee. At present, all the activities are proceeding orderly as planned.

First, studying the Party's history to strengthen conviction of service members. Focusing on studying Party history, understanding theories, doing practical work, and making new advances, the military has carried out themed studies, Party lectures, workshops and practice activities in its Party history studying and education campaign. Experts were sent to military units to give around 300 themed lectures. Troops of all levels take CPC history as the best textbook for strengthening conviction and nutrient for cultivating quality soldiers. They held various activities including having regular institutional Party events, visits to revolutionary sites and online courses to help service members better understand the history of the Party and the Chinese revolution and the cause of building a strong military, stay true to the original aspiration and founding mission of the Party, carry on revolutionary traditions and shoulder the responsibility of building a strong military, obey the Party's order and follow the Party's lead, and resolutely follow President Xi's command, answer to President Xi and be accountable to President Xi.

Second, studying theories and drawing strengths from them. The 100-year history of the CPC has witnessed the continuous adaptation of Marxism to China's realities. The people's military has always followed the latest innovative theories of the Party and the guidance of advanced military theories. All service members can draw political nutrients from the Party's scientific theories and strengthen their capabilities.

On July 1, President Xi will give an important speech at the meeting in celebration of the 100th anniversary. Based on the arrangements made by the CPC Central Committee and the CMC, the military will conduct activities to study, promote and implement the spirit of this important speech including seminars and workshops. Service members will be encouraged to read revolutionary classics and study designated materials and textbooks such as Xi Jinping's Words on Strengthening the Military to feel the strength of truth and practice and consolidate their conviction on Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era , especially Xi Jinping thought on strengthening the military.

Third, inheriting the military's fine traditions and carrying forward its spirit. The revolutionary spirit is a driving force of our efforts and bellwether of the times. The "Marching Forward under the Banner of the Party – The Themed Exhibition of the People's Military in Celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the Founding of the CPC" will soon be open to the public at the Military Museum of the Chinese People's Revolution. Some exhibits at the Navy Museum will also be open to the public. Other major military history museums such as the Exhibition Center of PLA Hong Kong Garrison will be completed and up for operation successively. The 20-volume A Single Spark Can Start A Prairie Fire (referring to the sparks of Chinese revolution evolving into an overwhelming prairie fire) will be reprinted again. The military will organize its members to visit exhibitions on Party history and make full use of red resources such as military history museums and memorial facilities, and hold activities about revolutionary rituals and historical scenarios, bringing the fine traditions and conduct into the new era and apply them in the new journey.

Fourth, learning from heroes and role models to gain strength for building a strong military. The 100-year Party history is a great journey involving numerous heroes. The CMC will commend outstanding Party members, exemplary Party workers and advanced community-level Party organizations. Role models including the 10th Squadron of 4th Detachment of Shanghai Corps of the People's Armed Police Force (PAP) and the "Most Admirable Revolutionary Soldiers in the New Era" will be promoted. Island Keeper, a movie based on the story of Wang Jicai (a militiaman who guarded one of China's small islands for 32 years) is already on the screen in cinemas nationwide. Other movies such as The Battle at Lake Changjin, The Pioneer, and Sanwan Reorganization will be screened soon. The military will conduct activities to pay tribute to revolutionary martyrs and learn from heroes and role models, and study the feats and contributions of 100 important heroes and role models to inspire the service members to pay homage to our revolutionary predecessors and strive to stand out in the new era.

Our military personnel will transform the political passion from the celebrations into concrete actions in the cause of building a strong nation and a strong military in the new era. They will steadfastly follow the command of the CPC Central Committee, the CMC and President Xi, stay true to the original aspiration and founding mission, dare to fight against powerful enemies, and make unremitting efforts to realize the Party's goal of building a strong military in the new era and building world-class armed forces in all aspects.

Secondly, the Office for International Military Cooperation (OIMC) of the CMC recently invited foreign defense attachés to visit the exhibition of Party history, which is titled "Staying True To the Party's Original Aspiration and Founding Mission".

To introduce the CPC's great history and achievements over the past century to foreign military attachés, the OIMC and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs jointly organized military attachés from nearly 70 countries to visit the exhibition on CPC history themed "Staying True to the Party's Original Aspiration and Founding Mission" at the Exhibition Hall of CPC History in Beijing this morning.

The exhibition consists of four parts – "Founding of the CPC and the Great Victory of the New Democratic Revolution", "Founding of the People's Republic of China (PRC) and the Socialist Revolution and Construction', "Reform and Opening-up, and Socialism with Chinese Characteristics", and "Socialism in the New Era, A Moderately Prosperous Society in All Respects, and the New Journey of Comprehensively Building a Modern Socialist Country". It is the first comprehensive, panoramic and epic account of the CPC's magnificent 100-year history, a period of relentless efforts, willing sacrifices, theoretical explorations, people’s welfare improvement and Party building.

Through the visit, we highlighted to foreign military attachés the Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era and China's major contributions to world peace and development. We explained the CPC's governing concepts and China's development path, and asserted China's policy of firmly adhering to the path of peaceful development and steadily expanding opening-up. By telling the stories of the CPC and China and spreading China's voices, the exhibition presented a true China in all dimensions and cemented the mutual trust and friendly cooperation between the Chinese military and its foreign counterparts.

Many foreign military attachés congratulated the CPC on its centenary. They said that the detailed and comprehensive exhibition vividly presented the CPC's great journey in leading the Chinese people and military to build a peaceful, prosperous and strong new China and the important contributions it has made to world peace and development. They also said that they have gained a deeper understanding of the CPC's history from the exhibition. They expressed willingness to deepen exchanges and cooperation with the Chinese military and make new and greater contributions to serving defense and military buildup and advancing common development.

Question: You have just introduced the activities held by the Chinese military to celebrate the centenary of the CPC and emphasized the importance of following the Party's leadership. Why does the Chinese military always adhere to the absolute leadership of the CPC?

Answer: The Party's absolute leadership over the military is a defining feature of Chinese socialism, and a major source of political strength to the Party and the country. It is fundamental to the building and strengthening of the people's armed forces. Since the founding of the PLA over 90 years ago, the Party's leadership has been the fundamental guarantee for keeping the strong cohesiveness, affinity and combat power of the people's military.

History is the best textbook and China's revolutionary history is the best nutrient. Upholding the Party's absolute leadership over the people's military is the unbreakable truth that the CPC has discovered during the revolutionary struggle. The CPC noticed military issues at the beginning of its founding. But due to the lack of experience in struggle, it suffered from the painful failure of the National Revolution. The bloody lessons helped the CPC fully realize the importance of building its own armed forces. The CPC Central Committee clearly announced that "we must create the new revolutionary armed forces in the revolutionary war".

On August 1, 1927, the gunshot in Nanchang city was like lightning through the night sky. Since then, the people's military under the leadership of the CPC has been valiantly devoted to seeking liberation and happiness for the Chinese people and fighting for independence and rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. The fate of the people's military was closely linked with the fate of the Chinese people and the Chinese nation. On September 29, 1927, in the Sanwan Reorganization, Party branches started to be established in companies, which established the Party's leadership over the military in its organization. In December 1929, the Gutian Conference established the principle of ideological and political building for the Party and the military, and comprehensively established the Party's absolute leadership over the military from the political, ideological and organizational aspects.

Since then, our military has firmly adhered to the leadership of the CPC, and actively engaged in the cause for the independence of the nation, the liberation of the people and the prosperity of the country. The military has blazed a new trail through difficulties and warfare, made great sacrifices, won glorious victories one after another and achieved great historical achievements for the Party and the people. Looking back to the past struggles and looking forward to the future, we fully realize that the Party's absolute leadership over the people's military is the eternal soul of the Chinese militaryand the DNA deeply integrated in the Chinese military's blood, which can never be changed or lost.

Question: During the G7 Summit, NATO Summit and US-EU Summit, some countries and organizations released joint communiqués or statements, claiming that China has posed "systemic challenges" to international order. They also expressed grave concerns about the situations in the East China Sea and the South China Sea, opposing any unilateral action to change the status quo there. Please comment on that.

Answer: We've noticed that the US and a few other countries have recently hyped up the so-called "China threat" on multiple occasions and deliberately slandered China on the maritime issue and some other issues. We are strongly dissatisfied with and firmly opposed to that.

Though the Cold War ended more than 30 years ago, some US-led western countries, clinging to the Cold War mentality and zero-sum game mindset, are acting against the trends of the times by forming cliques, practicing false multilateralism, clamoring for value-based confrontation and creating ideological division. These acts are against the trends of peace, development and win-win cooperation and is doomed to fail as it cannot win people's support. There is only one system and one order in the world, that is, the international system with the UN at the core and the international order based on international law. China remains a builder of world peace, a contributor to global development, and a defender of international order. The Chinese military will always be a righteous force defending world peace and development.

China's stance on the maritime issue is consistent and clear. The Diaoyu Dao and its affiliated islands are an inalienable part of China's territory. China has indisputable sovereignty over the islands in the South China Sea and their adjacent waters. We are committed to settling relevant disputes peacefully through dialogue and consultation. Meanwhile, we will firmly safeguard our own territorial sovereignty and maritime rights and interests.

We advise relevant countries to view China and Chinese military's development objectively and rationally, stop fabricating all sorts of the "China military threat theory", stop hyping up geopolitical rivalry and put more efforts in promoting dialogue and cooperation.

Question: From the beginning of this year, the Chinese military has continued to strengthen training and readiness while doing a solid job of preventing and controlling the COVID-19 epidemic. Please brief us on the situation and characteristics of military training of the PLA in the first half of 2021.

Answer: Since the start of this year, the Chinese military has been resolutely implementing the training order of President Xi and the requirements of the CMC military training meeting. Focusing on improving military preparedness, the armed forces have strengthened realistic training, joint training, technology-based training and rules-based training, so as to make new progress in military training in the new era.

First, having more difficult and intense basic training. Training is in full swing in the military. Our troops highlight strengthening basic training in line with the training outlines and improving capabilities through realistic training. Compared with previous years, the ammunition consumption has increased significantly and the proportion of demanding training programs has been on the rise. Training quality and effectiveness is steadily improving.

Second, targeted training has been continuously deepened for both combat and emergency responses. While implementing the requirements of being ready to fight at all times and being able to fight at any time, the military has strengthened research on war and combat issues, continued to intensify targeted training in all directions and various fields to deal with real security threats and vigorously carried out front-line military training. It maintains high alert in terms of commanding, forces, and capabilities.

Third, realistic training and exercises have been pushed forward in a solid and in-depth manner. All theater commands have launched training exercises under real combat scenarios, underlined the training of troops rotated for combat readiness missions and deepened cross-domain and cross-service joint training. In addition, troops of different services and arms have completed more than 100 tactical-level joint operational training exercises highlighting key and difficult training subjects.

Fourth, new progress has been achieved in the exploration and practice of technology-based training. To improve war fighting capabilities, the military has continued to explore "technology +" and "network +" training, organized training with new equipment and new forces in new fields and their integration into the combat system, utilized technology to solve training problems, developed simulated, IT-base and smart training methods and innovated technology-enabled training methods and operational tactics.

Fifth, training transformation has started in an orderly manner. The military has organized activities to promote the Decision on Building a New-type Military Training System and conducted research on the establishment of a mechanism linking training closer to real combat. Troops have studied and set the goals and path for transformation and future development and put forward proposals and measures for implementing the Decision. To accelerating the transformation and upgrading of military training, our troops are making further exploration in innovating training patterns, optimizing operation management and improving training conditions.

In the past six months, service members have resolutely implemented the decisions and directives made by the CPC Central Committee, the CMC and President Xi, anddemonstrated the fighting spirit and tenacity to overcome heavy odds and confront any danger. They will conduct strict training in a safe and scientific way. They will resolutely fulfill the missions and tasks in the new era entrusted by the Party and the people and greet the 100th anniversary of the founding of the CPC with outstanding training performance.

Question: Many records have been broken in the recent military skills competition "Top of Snow Mountains 2021" held by the PLA Tibet Military Command. Please brief us more on the competition.

Answer: According to the annual training plan, the PLA Tibet Military Command has recently organized the "Top of Snow Mountains 2021" competition on a plateau at an elevation of 3,700 m. More than 1,000 training elites from 20-odd units participated in the competition to test and improve the troops' capabilities in complex environments with extreme coldness, difficulty and danger. The training activity mainly has the following three characteristics:

First, it focused on realistic training. 23 training programs, including combat squad comprehensive operations, sniper team combat operations, and field repair and rescue were carried out under all-weather and unfamiliar geographic conditions. The competition mainly tested the training level of the participants under high-altitude, cold and hypoxic conditions and in dangerous environment.

Second, it focused on strengthening training through science and technology. Closely following the needs of informationized warfare, the competition applied drones to solve training difficulties. The war-game system was also incorporated into the competition programs and the operational pans were tested and verified through realistic confrontation, fully capitalizing the use of technological methods.

Thirdly, it focused on strengthening training through talent development. To build a military training system with plateau characteristics, the competition emphasized training for new-type forces and professional talent in key positions. The competition was a platform to select elites, temper troops and create a "race to the top" atmosphere in the troops.

Question: Some media reported that the US and Taiwan have taken small actions to strengthen their collusion, and there are some military exchanges between them. Meanwhile, the PLA recently dispatched more than 20 sorties of military aircraft to Taiwan's "southwestern airspace", setting a record for the number of aircraft in a single day since Taiwan's "defense department" released relevant data. What's your comment on this?

Answer: Taiwan is an inalienable part of China. The Taiwan question is purely China's internal affair. China is firmly opposed to any form of official exchanges or military contacts between the US and Taiwan , firmly opposed to attempts by the US to use Taiwan to contain China, and firmly opposed to efforts of Taiwan to solicit US support and seek "Taiwan independence" with force.

The complete reunification of China is a historical trend. The great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is unstoppable. Peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait is a common aspiration of all. "Taiwan independence" is a dead-end. To China, "Taiwan independence" means war. The US should fully realize that China's development cannot be stopped by anyone or any force. It should abide by the one-China principle and the three China-US joint communiqués, and stop any form of military contacts with Taiwan. The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) authorities in Taiwan should realize that the future of Taiwan lies in national reunification and the wellbeing of the Taiwan compatriots hinges on the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Any attempt to "seek independence by relying on the United States" is doomed to failure.

In recent days, the PLA dispatched multiple types of aircraft to conduct exercises around the Taiwan Strait, which is a necessary action in response to the current security situation across the Taiwan Strait and the need to safeguard national sovereignty. The PLA will resolutely perform the sacred mission of safeguarding national sovereignty and territorial integrity, and ensuring national security.

Question: In mid-June, the China-ASEAN Defense Ministers' Informal Meeting and the ASEAN Defense Ministers' Meeting Plus (ADMM-Plus) were held successively. State Councilor and Defense Minister General Wei Fenghe attended the meetings. Could you please give us more information?

Answer: On June 15 and 16, the 12th China-ASEAN Defense Ministers' Informal Meeting (10+1) and the 8th ADMM-Plus(10+8) were held successively via video link. State Councilor and Defense Minister General Wei Fenghe attended and addressed the events.

At the "10+1" meeting, General Wei reviewed the fruitful cooperation achieved in the past 30 years since the establishment of the China-ASEAN strategic partnership. He said China will continue to connect the "Belt and Road" initiative with the development strategy of ASEAN and jointly promote the building of a China-ASEAN community with a shared future.

General Wei also stated that defense and security cooperation has played an important role in supporting the China-ASEAN strategic partnership. China is willing to strengthen cooperation with ASEAN countries in defense and military areas and continue to provide vaccines and other medical supplies. He said all parties should work together to build consensus, manage differences, promote cooperation and safeguard peace and tranquility in the South China Sea.

At the "10+8" meeting, General Wei expounded China's views on the current international strategic landscape and regional security situation and called on all countries to join hands in building a community with a shared future for mankind. He stated that the growth of China's military strength will contribute to the force for peace in the world. China values security cooperation with other countries and fully understands and respects the legitimate concerns of others. Meanwhile, China’s national interests must also be fully respected and maintained. China has an unwavering determination to safeguard its core national interests with regard to the Taiwan question and issues related to Xinjiang, Hong Kong and the South China Sea.

Besides, General Wei pointed out that there are both development challenges and opportunities for the Asia-Pacific region. All parties should adhere to the global security concept of common, comprehensive, cooperative, and sustainable security, jointly build and utilize the ADMM-Plus mechanism and create a security pattern built and shared by all.

Question: Russian President Vladimir Putin said in a recent interview that the China-Russia strategic partnership has been at an all-time high in recent years, and the two sides have maintained a high degree of mutual trust and cooperation in political, economic, and technological areas. What's your comment on the current China-Russia military relations?

Answer: Under the strategic guidance of President Xi Jinping and President Vladimir Putin, the China-Russia comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination for the new era has been developing on all fronts and operating under all weather conditions. Exchange and cooperation between the two militaries in various fields have been deepened. It has continuously enriched the strategic contents of the bilateral relations.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the two militaries have overcome the impact of the pandemic and maintained smooth strategic communication. We successfully organized a series of important events and carried out friendly exchanges and cooperation in fighting the pandemic. Leaders of the two militaries have maintained close strategic communication through letters, phone calls and video meetings. On June 23, State Councilor and Defense Minister General Wei Fenghe delivered a video speech at the 9th Moscow Conference on International Security . The Chinese military provided humanitarian medical supplies to its Russian counterpart. Medical experts from the two militaries shared experience in pandemic prevention and control. The mutual support and assistance played a positive role in promoting the traditional friendship between the two militaries. In April, the Chinese military sent a team to Russia to participate in the "Sayan Range March" Snowfield Combat and March Competition, part of the International Army Games (IAG) 2021. In the second half of this year, the two militaries will continue to hold relevant exercises and training activities as scheduled.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the signing of the China-Russia Treaty of Good-Neighborliness and Friendly Cooperation, which is of special significance to both countries. The Chinese military is willing to work with the Russian side to unswervingly move forward in the direction defined by the two heads of state, continue to carry forward the spirit of the Treaty, enhance strategic coordination and deepen pragmatic exchanges so as to make new contributions to the development, national rejuvenation and people’s welfare of the two countries.

Question: It is reported that the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress (NPC) has recently passed the Law of the People's Republic of China on the Protection of the Status, Rights and Interests of Military Personnel. How to evaluate the significance of the law? Why is it necessary to formulate a specific law to protect the status, rights and interests of military personnel? What are the innovations and highlights?

Answer: The Law of the People's Republic of China on the Protection of the Status, Rights and Interests of Military Personnel was adopted at the 29th Session of the Standing Committee of the 13th National People's Congress on June 10. The new law has attracted wide public attention and provided great encouragement to the service members. It helps to improve the environment where dedicated service members enjoy public respect.

Firstly, the promulgation of this law fully reflects the care for the service members from the Party, the state, and the people. The enactment of this law is to transform the determination, will and important decisions of the CPC Central Committee and President Xi into institutional arrangements and laws. Ensuring the military personnel's status, rights and interests is an important experience of the Party in leading the construction of the armed forces and an important guarantee for the growth and continuous victories of the people's military. The Party and the state have long attached great importance to this work. The Report to the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China proposed to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of military personnel and their families and make the military service an occupation that enjoys the public respect.

Secondly, the promulgation of this law is an important measure to realize the Party's goal of strengthening the military in the new era and build it into a world-class military in an all-round way. Making this law and establishing a system of laws and regulations with Chinese characteristics for the protection of the status, rights and interests of service members, which are adapting to the requirements of building a strong military and manifesting a clear orientation, are conducive to further encouraging service members to faithfully perform their duties and actively participate in the cause of strengthening the military. They are also conducive to coordinating the two major issues of development and security, strengthening the national defense awareness and the awareness of potential dangers of the whole society, and further guiding the society to actively participate in and support the building of national defense and the armed forces. The enactment of this law reflects the legacy of history, the will of the country, the care of the commander in chief, the respect of the people, the expectations of service members, and the needs of the situation.

Finally, the promulgation of this law provides a legal guarantee to make the military more attractive, cohesive and capable from the perspective of national legislation. It consists of 71 articles in 7 chapters and has eight innovations. First, it establishes a system to protect the rights and interests of military personnel through national legislation. Second, it defines in the form of national laws that the status of service members should be respected. Third, it establishes an institution to protect the honor of service members. Fourth, it systematically standardizes the payment and welfare system for service members with comparative advantages. Fifth, it comprehensively regulates the system of pension and preferential treatment, which has been transformed from relief of living to the combination of commendation, compensation and preferential treatment. Sixth, it focuses on improving combat readiness in setting the policies of awards and incentives, payment and welfare, and pension and preferential treatment. Seventh, it clearly regulates the mechanism that encourages and guides all social forces to participate in the protection of status, rights and interests of military personnel. Eighth, it establishes and improves the legal liability mechanism, which regulates the legal liabilities of damaging the honor or reputation of military personnel.

The service members will always bear in mind the care of the CPC Central Committee, the CMC and President Xi, faithfully practice the principle of serving the people wholeheartedly, live up to the missions and commitment to building a strong military and resolutely defend national sovereignty, security and development interests.

Question: At present, the COVID-19 pandemic is still raging worldwide. In this context, how will the Chinese military continue to provide public security goods to the international community in the near future?

Answer: Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Chinese military has strengthened prevention and control measures and shouldered its international responsibility as the military of a major country by carrying out international cooperation against the pandemic and providing public security goods to the international community.

Over the past month, the Chinese military has taken active actions to fulfill its responsibility including providing vaccine assistance and performing maritime escort and peacekeeping missions. On pandemic cooperation, the Chinese military has implemented President Xi Jinping's statement on making China’s COVID-19 vaccine a global public good. As approved by the CMC, the PLA provided vaccines to the militaries of Mauritania, Guinea and Mozambique in late May and early June. In terms of maritime escort, since the PLAN's 37th escort taskforce went to the Gulf of Aden and the waters off Somalia on January 16, it has successfully completed the escort missions for 64 Chinese and foreign ships in 40 batches. The 37th escort taskforce is on its way back after the rotation with the 38th escort taskforce in the western waters of the Gulf of Aden early this month.

In terms of peacekeeping, after the recent eruption of the Nyiragongo Volcano in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), the 24th Chinese peacekeeping force to the DRC has been fighting on the front-line. It helped repair the transportation lifeline for the displaced people and support the passage of more than 1,800 vehicles. At present, it is performing tasks such as cleaning volcanic rocks and building refugee camps. The 413 peacekeepers of the 8th Chinese peacekeeping force to Mali were awarded the UN Peace Medal of Honor for their outstanding performance of tasks such as guard duties, armed patrol, engineering construction and medical support.

Countries in the world live in a community with a shared future. The Chinese military will continue to promote the building of a community with a shared future for mankind with concrete actions, provide international public security goods to the international community and deliver benefits to peoples of all countries in the world.

Question: The national college entrance examination has wrapped up this month. Both the students and their parents have shown great interest in military colleges. Please brief us on the admissions policy of military colleges.

Answer: According to this year's admissions plan, a total of 27 military colleges will enroll more than 13,000 graduates from high schools. Among them, there is one university directly affiliated to the CMC, ten from the Army, five from the Navy, four from the Air Force, one from the Rocket Force, two from the Strategic Support Force, and four from the People's Armed Police Force. It is worth noting that there have been new changes in the criteria for admissions of high school graduates. From this year on, all candidates admitted to military colleges (including PAP colleges) should reach the minimum admission line for first-batch universities; meanwhile, all candidates must pass the physical test for high school students.

The main change in the admissions of soldiers is that the annual assessment of the candidates for the past few years should reach the level of qualified or higher, and their yearly military training scores over the past few years should be good or higher. Candidates who have been awarded with merits in major military operations by units of or above the theater command level or have participated in anti-epidemic operations on the front line, peacekeeping operations or maritime escort missions are eligible to enjoy corresponding extra scores and flexible requirements.

What needs to be emphasized is that military college admissions will follow the principles of openness, fairness and equality . Relevant information will be released in a timely manner through the official WeChat account of "Military College Admissions". Supervision from students, parents and the public is welcome.

Talent can only grow through trials and hardships in practice. Throughout the 100-year history of the CPC, there are always many young people with lofty ideals and striving spirit serving in the military. We welcome students to join the military and apply for military colleges to let their youth bloom in serving the motherland, the nation, the people and mankind.

Question: We have noticed that there are celebrations all over China to mark the 100th anniversary of the founding of the CPC. The Chinese military has also held a series of activities. What's your comment?

Answer: Developed from a small party with only 50-odd members into the world's biggest Marxist ruling party with over 91 million members, the CPC has went through a glorious century. The birth of the CPC is an epoch-making event, which profoundly changed the course of modern Chinese history, the fate and future of the Chinese people and nation, and the direction and pattern of world development.

After modern times, the invasion of the western powers and the corruption of feudalist rulers gradually reduced China into a semi-colonial and semi-feudal society and inflicted unprecedented suffering on the Chinese nation. The salvoes of Russia’s October Revolution brought Marxism-Leninism to China. In July 1921, the Communist Party of Chinawas born with Marxism as its guiding ideology and socialism (communism) as its objective to strive toward. Since then, the CPC had set sail with seeking happiness for the Chinese people and rejuvenation for the Chinese nation as its original aspiration and mission.

On August1st, 1927, a gunshot on the top of the city of Nanchang marked the beginning of the revolutionary war under the independent leadership of the CPC, the birth of the people's military and the course to seize political power by armed forces, which ushered in a new era of Chinese revolution.

On October 1st, 1949, after 28 years of tortuous struggle, the CPC united and led the Chinese people to overthrow the "three mountains" of imperialism, feudalism and bureaucrat-capitalism.A new Chinawas born and the Chinese people has stood up.

From then on, the CPC united the people and led them in completing socialist revolution, establishing socialism as China’s basic system and advancing socialist construction. The great new revolution of reform and opening up has carved out a path of socialism with Chinese characteristics and helped China catch up with the times at great strides.

The 18th CPC National Congress ushered in a new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics. As the world today faces profound changes unseen in a century, under the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, the CPC has united and led the people throughout the country to take the overall situation into account, cope with the changing situation and open up new horizons. The Chinese nation has achieved a tremendous transformation from standing up to growing rich, and to becoming strong.

Especially after the outbreak of the pandemic, under the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee with PresidentXi Jinping at its core, 1.4 billion Chinese people have protected their families and the country hand-in-hand and heart-to-heart, creating a miracle in the history of mankind’s battle againstpandemics. The advantages of the socialist system have been clearly demonstrated.

History has well indicated that without the CPC, there would have been no new China. Neither would there be the socialism with Chinese characteristics, nor the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Looking into the future, we have more reasons to believe that, under the leadership of the CPC, China will make greater contributions to the progress of human civilizations and the development of socialism in the world. There will be a promising future for this just cause.


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