Chinese troops conduct adaptive training prior to exercise ZAPAD/INTERACTION-2021

China Military Online
Chen Zhuo
2021-08-09 17:47:07


BEIJING, Aug. 9 -- The China-Russia joint exercise ZAPAD/INTERACTION - 2021 is to be held from August 9 to 13. Participating troops from both sides have conducted multi-day adaptive training, in which the Chinese participants focused on several events such as airdrop and army aviation coordination in special operations.

During the adaptive training, the participating troops carried out large-scale cluster parachute landing and heavy equipment airdrop training.

The training gave full play to the advantages of large transport aircraft, including Y-20, which served to transport paratroopers to the maximum carrying capacity, successfully putting airborne combatants onto the battlefield at one scoop within the shortest time.

The training also managed to carry out the simultaneous landing of both personnel and equipment, so that the airborne troops could board the vehicle as soon as they landed, realizing the fastest personnel-equipment combination in the combat area within the shortest time.

An army aviation brigade and a special operations brigade under the PLA Xinjiang Military Command jointly conducted fast-roping featuring one helicopter and six ropes by the special operations soldiers onboard, and also carried out assault vehicle transfer with the Chinese "Lynx" hanging from the helicopter.

The training has greatly shortened the landing time, which not only helps reduce the possibility of personnel exposure but also enhances the ability to seize opportunities on the battlefield.

Prior to the joint exercise, soldiers of an air defense battalion under the PLA Western Theater Command conducted coordinated air defense drills continuously, and they will use the HQ-17 missile defense system in the oncoming joint exercise as one of the main battle equipment of the ground air-defense system.

HQ-17 is currently one of the brigade-level field air defense systems with the strongest air defense capabilities and the best comprehensive performance commissioned to the Chinese military, capable of carrying out multi-target interception. In addition, the "4-25" missile-artillery integrated weapon system will also be unveiled during this exercise.

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