Health care system for military personnel and families continues to improve

China Military Online
Li Wei
2021-11-19 17:01:42

By Sun Xingwei and Mei Jinjian

BEIJING, Nov. 19 -- The General Office of the Central Military Commission (CMC) issued the interim provisions on health care for military personnel and families recently, signifying a series of new health care policies will be implemented soon.

Chinese military has always attached great importance to the health care of military personnel and their families. As for now, the medical services in all military hospitals have been available for all active service members, civilian staff and retired officers. The PLA has also explored to establish new mechanisms such as inpatient appointments, telemedicine, and collaborative diagnosis and treatment for rotating service members and their families.

The newly issued interim provisions will come into effect on January 1, 2022, which expands the scope, raises the standards, and clarifies the benefits that service members and military-related personnel are entitled to in military medical institutions.

According to the provisions, the military personnel and their minor children continue to enjoy free health care, military spouses are newly added in the free scope, and preferential medical treatment are available to the parents and in-laws of officers and non-commissioned officers.

An official of the Logistic Support Department under the CMC said that this will bring more sense of contentment and happiness to the military members, and effectively enhance the cohesion and combat effectiveness.

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