Type-21 combat uniforms distributed to Chinese military

China Military Online
Chen Zhuo
2021-12-30 19:38:21

BEIJING, Dec. 30 -- "The Type-21 combat uniforms and work uniforms have been successively distributed to all the military members this winter," introduced Senior Colonel Tan Kefei, a spokesperson for the Chinese Ministry of National Defense (MND), at a regular news briefing on December30, 2021.

According to Tan, the series of Typ-21 combat uniforms include the camouflage uniforms and special services uniforms, matching with combat boots. They are used for combat, training, duty-performing, or military operations other than war (MOOTWs).

To be specific, the series of camouflage combat uniforms have diverse colors for jungle and desert, while the series of combat uniforms for special services are classified into different styles for ship crew, aircrew and ground crew to meet the needs of personnel in special positions. The combat boots have two types, respectively for use with general purpose and specialized purpose.

The Type-21 work uniforms take the jacket style. They are divided into spring and winter uniforms, and vary in colors for different military services. Matching with wide (rolled) brim hats, leather shoes and other varieties, they will be used for general daily activities such as office working. "The replacement of uniforms was carried out based on actual demand and the new uniforms were designed according to functional needs," added Tan.

Typ-21 combat uniforms
Type-21 work uniforms (winter)

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