Aircraft carrier Liaoning task group completes combat training in open sea

China Military Online
Wang Xinjuan
2021-12-31 23:53:35

BEIJING, Dec. 31 -- The Chinese PLA Navy's aircraft carrier Liaoning taskforce group successfully completed its combat training in the open sea and returned to the home port in Qingdao on the morning of December 30. During the over-20-day training, the taskforce group sailed across the Yellow Sea and the East China Sea, entered waters of the Western Pacific via the Miyako Strait , and conducted comprehensive exercises on multiple subjects, having effectively improved its joint combat capabilities.

On December 9, the taskforce group set sail and went straight to waters off the Yellow Sea. It carried out a number of targeted training such as search and rescue, tactical flight of carrier-based aircraft, and handling of varied air situation . Besides, the taskforce group focused on the all-weather combat capabilities of the carrier-based aircraft and carried out high-intensity, day-to-night, multi-batch ship-based take-off and landing training in an orderly manner.

During the voyage to the Western Pacific, the taskforce group kept highly alert while sailing all the way, changing the battle deployment levels and ship formation in time, to effectively handle the complex sea and air situation.

In the Western Pacific Ocean, the taskforce group sailed through multiple training waters to test its combat capabilities. It has carried out training subjects on air defense and anti-submarine for many times, while the carrier-based J-15 fighter jets conducted day-and-night training and tactical flights outside the island chain, in a bid to further temper combat planning, command and control, system construction, force coordination and comprehensive support capabilities. Over ten combat training achievements having been tested and improved.

During the training period, the aircraft carrier Liaoning taskforce group were repeatedly stalked and monitored by foreign warships and warplanes, to which the fleet handled steadily with times of carrier-based fighter jets taking off as effective responses, fully demonstrating the excellent military quality and dogged fighting style of the Chinese military.

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