China implements new resettlement system for veterans

China Military Online
Li Jiayao
2022-01-05 17:53:09

BEIJING, Jan. 5 -- As approved by the CPC Central Committee, the State Council, and the Central Military Commission (CMC) of China, 11 departments including the Ministry of Veterans Affairs, the Ministry of Finance, the State Taxation Administration, the National Healthcare Security Administration, the CMC Political Work Department and the CMC Logistic Support Department, jointly issued the resettlement measures for veterans, allowing the non-commissioned and commissioned officers to receive monthly retirement pay after exiting active service. The new measures have come into force since December 24, 2021.

The implementation of new measures marks the official establishment and operation of the optimized resettlement policy for veterans.

The new measures systematically regulate the applicable conditions, implementation criteria and supportive policies for “receiving monthly retirement pay”, which provides basic principles and institutional support to improve the policy system for veterans and promote the resettlement of veterans in a healthy and orderly manner.

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