China releases regulation to improve commendation of military honors

China Military Online
Wang Xinjuan
2022-02-09 16:35:39

BEIJING, Feb. 9 -- Recently, a regulation was jointly issued by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC), the State Council, and the Central Military Commission (CMC) to improve the commendation of military honors, which is to be fully implemented by all regions and departments as required.

As a basic guideline for the commendation of military honors in a new era, the regulation reshaped the military honor recognition system in a comprehensive manner as shown by medals, honorary titles, awards, commendations, commemorative medals, etc., based on distinguished circumstances, domains and personnel categories.

The regulation innovatively established a variety of commendation measures for the commanding officers' merits, outlined a system of different medals and commemorative medals, and uniformly standardized the treatment for the honor recipients. It also clarified relevant matters concerning the Chinese military's commendations to foreign personnel and the Chinese military personnel's acceptance of foreign commendations for meritorious services, and detailed relevant policies and regulations.

The promulgation and implementation of the regulation is of great significance to improving the honor recognition system of the Party and the country, and enhancing the attractiveness of military careers and the sense of mission and honor of the military personnel in China.


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