Chinese military releases regulation on health protection for military training

China Military Online
Li Wei
2022-02-10 17:40:48

By Sun Xingwei, Zhang Peng, and Guo Wenmiao

BEIJING, Feb. 10 -- With the approval of China' Central Military Commission (CMC), the CMC Logistic Support Department and the CMC Training and Administration Department have jointly released the regulation on health protection for military training.

The regulation proposed a series of health protection measures to better ensure the scientific training of troops.

As composed of 33 articles in six chapters along with one annex, the regulation specified the safety and health protection in military training, medical treatment and rehabilitation of training injuries, and health protection management for military training.

The new regulation focused on all-dimensional health protection throughout the military training process, and highlights scientific training and health supervision to prevent injuries. It took a holistic view of the training and health protection of diverse services and arms in special positions and special environments, and emphasized the collaboration between departments related to military training and health protection under the premise of clear-cut responsibilities.

In addition, the regulation strictly defined the classification criteria and the grading criteria for training injuries, which would be a basic guide for the diagnosis and assessment of military training injuries.


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