PLA has zero tolerance for “Taiwan independence”: Defense Spokesperson

China Military Online
Wang Xinjuan
2022-03-10 17:42:09

BEIJING, March 10 -- “It must be made crystal clear that the PLA has zero tolerance for ‘Taiwan independence’ secessionist activities and external interference and will crush them whenever they pop up,” said Chinese Defense Spokesperson Senior Colonel Wu Qian, also spokesperson for the delegation of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) and the People’s Armed Police (PAP) Force at the fifth session of the 13th National People’s Congress (NPC), during an interview on March 9.

It is reported that the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) authorities in Taiwan have been hyping up the circling of Taiwan island by the PLA warplanes. In the meantime, the US is selling weapons to the island again. Its senators and former politicians are visiting the island upon each other’s heels. And the US and Japan have repeatedly made wanton remarks about Taiwan-related topics. In response, Wu stressed that there is but one China in the world and Taiwan is an inalienable part of Chinese territory. More importantly, the Chinese people living on both sides of the Taiwan Strait are brothers and sisters of blood ties and a family sharing the same destiny.

“We consistently uphold the guideline of ‘peaceful reunification’ and ‘one country, two systems’, and are willing to make utmost efforts, with the greatest sincerity, to strive for the peaceful reunification across the Taiwan Strait, but we will never tolerate secession from the nation by the ‘Taiwan independence’ forces,” said Snr. Col. Wu. “The exercises and training by the PLA are targeted at ‘Taiwan independence’ secessionist activities and the interference by external forces. They are not targeted at Taiwan compatriots,” he added

According to Snr. Col. Wu, since the DPP came in power, it has refused to acknowledge the 1992 Consensus, quickened steps towards “Taiwan independence”, and colluded with external forces to carry out “pro-independence” provocations. The DPP’s actions have seriously harmed the welfare of Taiwan compatriots, grossly undermined the fundamental interests of the Chinese nation, and are the root cause for the current tension and turmoil across the strait. History has taught us that those who have done injustice to others will eventually bring destruction to themselves. Any attempt at “Taiwan independence” would be a dead end and call for self-destruction.

“The Taiwan question is purely China’s internal affair that brooks no external interference,” emphasized Snr. Col. Wu, adding that Washington and Tokyo’s political ploy to contain China by playing the Taiwan card will be nothing but a pipe dream. “The more aggressive they are on the Taiwan question, the firmer and tougher we will be in safeguarding national sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

It is learnt that the Government Work Report delivered by Chinese Premier Li Keqiang at the fifth session of the 13th NPC set out that China resolutely opposes any secessionist activity for “Taiwan independence” and any external interference.

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