Chinese peacekeeping force to Lebanon bags UNIFIL annual environmental award

China Military Online
Li Wei
2022-04-24 18:49:25
Chinese peacekeeping force in Lebanon is bestowed the annual environment award by the UNIFIL Headquarters. (Photo by Kong Kangyi)

By Kong Kangyi and Liang Yuyuan

BEIRUT, April 24 -- On the occasion of the 53rd Earth Day, the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) handed out the annual environmental award to the 20th Chinese peacekeeping force to Lebanon, in recognition of the contributions the Chinese peacekeepers have made to environmental protection in the mission area.

Chinese peacekeepers in Lebanon make efficient use of water resources in both work and life, save electricity, strictly make garbage sorting, and reclaim vacant land in the camps to grow flowers, fruits and vegetables to further add some green and beautify the environment therein.

As scheduled, the environmental office of UNIFIL Headquarters conducts comprehensive environmental inspections on water management, sewage treatment and energy efficiency to all the peacekeeping contingents under the UNIFIL quarterly. The camps of the Chinese peacekeeping force have passed the UNIFIL environmental inspections with high standards three times with the neat and tidy environment and efficient resource management.

Chinese peacekeepers in Lebanon strictly implement garbage sorting, designated storage and regular disposal. (Photo by Liang Yuyuan)
Two UNIFIL peacekeepers from China showcase panda-shaped decorations made from scrap planks. (Photo by Dai Zhengqin)


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