UNIFIL Chinese engineers build defense works for Ghanaian peacekeeping unit

China Military Online
Wang Xinjuan
2022-05-20 20:11:55

By Zhuang Xiaohao and Yao Huawei

UNIFIL peacekeeping engineers from China fill the gabions with gravels at the construction site of Ghanaian Battalion's defense works. (Photo by Zhuang Xiaohao) 

AI QAWZAH, Lebanon, May 20 -- Members from the 20th Chinese peacekeeping engineering contingent serving with the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) completed the construction of new defense works for Ghanaian Battalion on May 16, local time.

The locality of Ghanaian Battalion is near the Blue Line in south-western Lebanon. The defense works at the entrance of its barracks has been severely deformed after long-term rain washing, which posed a major safety hazard. It is urgently needed to build new defense works.

This construction task posed great challenge to the skills of the Chinese peacekeeping engineers, because the working area was quite small and beside a minefield blocked by iron wires.

After 5-day continuous hard work, the Chinese peacekeepers finally completed the construction task one week ahead of schedule, building a solid and reliable protective barrier for Ghanaian peacekeepers.

Since deployed to the mission area in Lebanon in August 2021, the contingent has completed with high standard 53 engineering construction tasks and passed three equipment inspections and two military capability assessments organized by UNIFIL Headquarters.

UNIFIL's Chinese peacekeepers fix steel bars on the gabions at the construction site of Ghanaian Battalion’s defense works. (Photo by Zhuang Xiaohao)

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