PAP forces help restore interrupted Sichuan-Xizang highway

China Military Online
Huang Panyue
2022-06-14 17:47:30

NYINGCHI, June 14 -- On the morning of June 12, in Bayi District of Nyingchi, Xizang Autonomous Region, debris flow occurred in Pailong section along the Sichuan-Xizang railway, with hundreds of passing vehicles stranded.

Responding to the dangerous situation, a detachment of the 2nd Mobile Corps under the Chinese People’s Armed Police (PAP) Force responsible for road maintenance, immediately dispatched rescue equipment including loaders to the scene for road repair and renovation.

In order to ensure rapid operation, soldiers surveyed the accident scene with drones prior to the rescue and formulated a scientific rescue plan.  

Due to the continuous rainfall in the local area, security guards were arranged for mountain observation during the operation to prevent new injuries to the on-site personnel and vehicles caused by secondary disasters.

At present, the interrupted road has been restored, and all the vehicles trapped have passed through the section safely.


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