General universities, colleges in China start cultivating NCO students for military

China Military Online
Wang Xinjuan
2022-06-14 18:32:33

BEIJING, June 14 -- The enrollment for the non-commissioned officer (NCO) targeted training program has been launched in China's institutes of higher learning. This marks the first enrollment of NCO students since the implementation of the new NCO system.

All senior high schools graduates for the year 2022 that meet the conscription requirements can apply for the targeted training program in certain colleges after taking the national unified examination for admissions to general universities and colleges.

After being admitted, the students will receive three-year targeted education and obtain a full-time college degree upon graduation. All the courses in the first 2.5 academic years will be arranged by the colleges involved, accompanied by teaching directions from the military units which are the recipients of the NCO-targeted students; the last 0.5 academic year is arranged for an internship before starting the active military service. After going through the college graduation procedures, the graduates will be conferred by military units they serve with the corresponding NCO's ranks, which will be valid from September 1 of the year of graduation.

The NCO-targeted students admitted by the general universities and colleges have military status. In the three years studying in colleges, they will enjoy the equivalent treatment of conscripts.

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