China's increasing contributions to UN peacekeeping operations

China Military Online
Li Jiayao
2022-08-29 22:39:38

BEIJING, Aug.29 -- The first "Shared Vision" international peacekeeping forum organized by the Peacekeeping Affairs Center under China’s Ministry of National Defense (MND) was held in Beijing a few days ago. More than 100 professionals in peacekeeping field conducted in-depth discussions on "Making the Vision of Peace Come True".

According to Cai Hui, a senior instructor at the Peacekeeping Affairs Center of the MND, the forum is China’s latest move to fulfill its solemn commitment to safeguarding peace, reflecting China’s increasing contributions to the UN peacekeeping operations.

"With the ever-increasing strength and international status, the Chinese military is playing an increasingly important role in international peacekeeping affairs," said Cai Hui, adding that since the dispatch of five military observers to the United Nations Truce Supervision Organization (UNTSO) in April of 1990, the Chinese military has successively participated in 25 UN peacekeeping operations, sending more than 50,000 peacekeepers in accumulation.

"China has proactively implemented its commitments made at the UN Peacekeeping Summit and set up a peacekeeping standby force of 8,000 troops for the UN, including 28 units in ten categories. China has become the country with the largest number of standby peacekeeping troops of the most diversified profile. As of now, China has become the second largest contributor to both the regular and peacekeeping budgets of the UN, and the largest troop contributor among the permanent members of the UN Security Council. Thus, China has been hailed by the UN as "a key force in UN peacekeeping operations".

"In addition to tangible contributions such as funds and personnel, China's contribution to peacekeeping operations has gradually been upgraded to providing solutions and wisdom, injecting new vitality into UN peacekeeping operations," said Cai Hui. He added that in recent years, the Chinese military has sent personnel to preside over or participate in the compilation and revision of multiple documents such as operationmanuals in multiple specialized peacekeeping fields. The first draft resolution on the security of peacekeepers initiated and submitted by China was unanimously adopted by the UN Security Council, demonstrating China’s transformation from operational practice to concept guidancein the field of peacekeeping.

This "Shared Vision" international peacekeeping forum, together with the “Shared Destiny” international peacekeeping exercise and the “Shared Mission Command Post Exercise for UN Peacekeeping Operations” previously organized by the Chinese military, have formed the "Shared" series of peacekeeping operations held by the Chinese military on a regular basis. This series as an international brand serves to display the Chinese military’s role as a major country and is China’s latest contribution to the UN peacekeeping.

"World peace is indivisible and humanity shares a common destiny." At present, the UN peacekeeping operations have to be carried out in an extraordinarily complex global security environment, with ever-increasing constraints, heavier missions and tasks to take. The risks for peacekeepers to fulfill their missions and tasks are increasing, and the peacekeeping missions’ work efficiency and its relations with local people are also facing new challenges.

Cai Hui said that China will continue to firmly implement the Global Security Initiative, adhere to the new concept of common, comprehensive, cooperative and sustainable security, support UN peacekeeping operations with practical actions, and work with the UN and peace-loving countries in the world to make unremitting efforts to achieve the shared goal of building a community with a shared future for mankind.

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